Independent label: Major Oak Records named after a famous old oak tree in Sherwood Forest. And based in Ockbrook, Derbyshire. The company issued at least two seven-inch records,  a Notts County FC supporters' song, 'The Magpie Song' by Reg Cooper and others (MO-1; 1973) and an eponymous EP by Focal Point (MO-2; 1973).  LPs and EPs were numbered in the same MO-0 series, to begin with at least; the highest number - of five! - that I have seen listed was MO-101, an LP by Tantalus, which came out in 1977.  MO-5, Stu Stevens's 'Command Performance' LP, came out in 1976, and I can't imagine that Major Oak issued nearly a hundred records in a years, so presumably MO-101 was the start of a new series.  There was also a Various Artists LP, 'Country Music Festival', featuring British Country artists such as Brian Golbey and the The Hillsiders.  Distributed By Major Oak Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Reg Cooper With John Chambers The Magpie Song MAJOR OAK MO 1
73 Focal Point Gift Of A Brand New Day (Ep) MAJOR OAK MO 2

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