Magpie Records was a DIY label from Newcastle. It managed one single 'Howway The Lads', by The Barrie Brothers (IS/BB/1003; 1974).  The Barrie Brothers were a popular act on the local Club circuit, and 'Howway The Lads' was the official Newcastle United 1974 F.A. Cup Final song.  Newcastle lost the final, at which point sales of the single probably nosedived.   Impulse Studios were responsible for the recording; the IS/xx/1000 numerical series was theirs and can most often be found on records on the Wudwink label. Distributed By Magpie Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Not Traced IMPULSE STUDIO IS ? 1001
73 Barrie Brothers Inital Offering From The Barrie Brothers BEVERLEY BB/IS 1002
74 Barrie Brothers Howway The Lads MAGPIE IS BB 1003

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