Independent Reggae label: Magnum Records was owned by Mo Claridge, with links to Pye.  Magnum started out in 1977 and issued at least five singles in the 1977-78 period, using labels with the same design but three different colours. Distribution was by Pye. Magnum evolved into Ballistic Records.  'Conscious Man', by the Jolly Brothers (GUN-1002) was a Top 50 hit in 1979, when it was reissued on the Ballistic / United Artists label (UP-36415). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Naturals featuring Frankie J  Falling In Love Again MAGNUM GUN 1001
77 Jolly Brothers  Conscious Man  MAGNUM GUN 1002
77 Psalms  Always Trying (Better Days Will Come)  MAGNUM GUN 1003
78 Dillinger  Mind Your Own Business  MAGNUM GUN 1004
78 Psalms  Prophecy MAGNUM GUN 1005
78 Lovindeer Lloyd  Serious Times  MAGNUM GUN 1006

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