Independent Reggae label: Magnet Records was owned by Russell Coke and based in Stoke Newington.  Magnet lasted from 1973-75, and issued more than sixty singles during its lifetime using several different-coloured labels in roughly the same design.  The font used and the size of the logo changed around the time that MA-013 came out.  Catalogue numbers were in an MA-000 series - the 'MA-0011' on the first scan above is a misprint for 'MA-001' - and such famous names as Keith Hudson and Dennis Brown had singles on the label.   Magnet had a subsidiary, Faith, and was also linked to the Dervla label. A few numbers are missing from the discography below, but they may not have been used. Distributed By Magnet Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Rondo Gene  Prisoner Of Love  MAGNET MA 001
73 Shirley Roy  Put Your Sweet Lips  MAGNET MA 002
73 Lee Glen  Like A Child  MAGNET MA 003
73 Jones Barbara  What A Wonderful World  MAGNET MA 004
73 Lawrence Diana   A Little Bit Of Soap  MAGNET MA 005
73 Rondo Gene  Each Moment  MAGNET MA 006
73 Carter Herbie  Way Of Life  MAGNET MA 007
73 Alcapone Dennis& Vandals Five Cent Skank  MAGNET MA 008
73 Holder Mark  I'M Doing Fine Now  MAGNET MA 009
73 Holder Mark  Someting Good  MAGNET MA 010
73 X-Press  Tenderness  MAGNET MA 011
73 Shirley Roy  When You'Re Young  MAGNET MA 012
73 Watson N.  Rasta Army  MAGNET MA 013
73 Francis Willie  Jukebox  MAGNET MA 014
73 Romeo Max  Murder In The Place  MAGNET MA 015
73 Campbell Al  Pledging Your Love MAGNET MA 016
73 Leroy Pack  Man From Zion  MAGNET MA 017
73 Francis Willie  Break Your Behind MAGNET MA 018
73 Alan & Rocky Domino  Melona  MAGNET MA 019
73 Silent Choir  Silent Night  MAGNET MA 020
73 Holt John  I Am The One To Blame  MAGNET MA 021
73 Tidals  Put Those Fools  MAGNET MA 022
73 Campbell Al  When Spring Is Around  MAGNET MA 023
73 Not Traced MAGNET MA 024
73 Not Traced MAGNET MA 025
74 Not Traced MAGNET MA 026
74 Not Traced MAGNET MA 027
74 Rondo Gene  This Is Love MAGNET MA 028
74 Morgan Derrick  Seeing A Girl Is Not Knowing Her  MAGNET MA 029
74 Scott Calvin  Searching For My Baby  MAGNET MA 030
74 Dean Nora  Judge Dread Is My Lover  MAGNET MA 031
74 Romeo Max  I Woke Up In Love  MAGNET MA 032
74 Twinkle Brothers  Mother & Wife  MAGNET MA 033
74 Alcapone Dennis  England Here I Come  MAGNET MA 034
74 Rondo Gene  Valley Of Tears  MAGNET MA 035
74 Francis Willie  Break Your Behind Chapter 2  MAGNET MA 036
74 Francis Willie  Marcus Is Alive  MAGNET MA 037
74 Francis Willie  Quick March  MAGNET MA 038
74 Classics  The Soldier MAGNET MA 039
74 Isaac Gregory  Your Smiling Face  MAGNET MA 040
74 Matador & Fay  Sex Grand National  MAGNET MA 041
74 Ronald & Lloyd  Back In My Arms  MAGNET MA 042
74 Collins Ansil  Breakfast Special  MAGNET MA 043
74 Jah Lloyd  This Yah Corner  MAGNET MA 044
74 Norman & Willie  Ethiopia Land  MAGNET MA 045
74 Dennis D.D.  I Had To Let It Out  MAGNET MA 046
74 Hamilton Milton  Looking For A Woman  MAGNET MA 047
74 Hamilton Milton  Night Fall  MAGNET MA 048
74 Not Traced MAGNET MA 049
74 G. Mct & Classics  Solomon Grandpa  MAGNET MA 050
74 Otis Lyndon  You Make Me Mad  MAGNET MA 051
74 Dennis D.D.  I Do  MAGNET MA 052
74 Francis Willie  Ripe Your Sop  MAGNET MA 053
74 Francis Willie  Cool Your Iron  MAGNET MA 054
74 Francis Willie  Morning Star  MAGNET MA 055
75 Heptones & Jimmy Mc  Day & Night  MAGNET MA 056
75 Robinson Mike  Nothing Left For Me MAGNET MA 057
75 Robinson Mike  Don'T Take Your Love From Me  MAGNET MA 058
75 Alcapone Dennis  Muhammad Ali  MAGNET MA 059
75 Howard & C. Hall B.  Call Me  MAGNET MA 060
75 Brown Wally  Send Back The Rod  MAGNET MA 061
75 Walks Dennis  Don'T Play That Song  MAGNET MA 062
75 Albert J.D.  Let The Good Times Rolls  MAGNET MA 063
75 Collins Ansel  Keep The Cost Of Living Down  MAGNET MA 064
75 Kpiaye John  Magnet Rattler  MAGNET MA 065
75 Brewster Jim  Rasta Lion  MAGNET MA 066
75 Lloyd Brown  Your Smile  MAGNET MA 067
75 Hunningale Peter  Woi  MAGNET MA 068
75 Ambelique  Picking Up Packing Up  MAGNET MA 069
75 Brown Lloyd  Mr Brown MAGNET MA 070
75 Kush-I Come Over To Jah MAGNET MA 071
75 Brown Lloyd  Make Way For Love MAGNET MA 072
75 Jay Made Way For Love MAGNET MA 073

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