Independent label: Magic Records. It managed at least two singles a single split between two Rock 'n' Roll Revival bands from London.  On the 'A' side was 'Tennessee Saturday Night' by the Million Dollar Quartet', while The Tooting Frooties supplied the 'B' side, 'Luther Perkins'.  The catalogue number was M-101.  Different sources give different years for the single's appearance, including 1980 and 1981, It was recorded in 1975 and issued two years later. And Cymer Di by Graffia. The label gives a 3-D effect when viewed through 3-D glasses, which must make it unique (in the '70s anyway) and which goes some way towards justifying the company's name. The pink card sleeve gave no details of the record, but it had the company's name on it, Distributed By Magic Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Million Dollar Quartet Tennessee Saturday Night MAGIC M 101
80 Graffia Cymer Di MAGIC M 102

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