Independent label: MACYM Records was The record label of Mudiad Adloniant Cymraeg Ynys Mon, an Anglesey-based entertainment company - word-for-word it translates as 'Movement Entertainment Welsh Anglesey'. MACYM issued at least three singles in 1979 through Sain Records, using a MACYM-0 numbering series.  Two were by Welsh Heavy Rock bands: MACYM-1 was Eliffant's, 'Seren I Seren', while MACYM-3 was, 'Breuddwyd Roc A Rol', by Edward H. Dafis. The Eliffant single had a white label with the word 'MACYM' at the top; by the time of the second single the more adventurous design shown had been adopted.  It features a map of Ynys Mon / Anglesey. Distributed By Sain Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Eliffant Seren I Seren MACYM MACYM 1
79 Geraint Jarman Gwesty Cymru MACYM MACYM 2
79 Edward H. Dafis Breuddwyd Roc A Rol MACYM MACYM 3

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