Independent Reggae label: Maccabees Records belonging to British producer Keith Wint, who is otherwise known as Jah Benji Maccabees.   Maccabees issued singles sporadically from 1975 into the mid '80s; the labels, which were usually brown and gold, don't have dates on them.  The first single on Maccabees was Rasfmra Asher's, 'Fourth Generation', which came out in 1978 with a catalogue number of FG-1.  There were at least three other seven-inch singles, 'Ole Man River' and 'Mr. Bojangles', by Dennis Brown, and 'Love Style' by Roland, as well as a 12" by Junior Delgado, but these appear to date from the '80s.  Keith Wint went on to work with many prominent names of the Reggae scene during the '90s. Distributed By Maccabees Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Roland Love Style MACCABEES MPC PRE 1
78 Fourth Generation Rasfmra Asher MACCABEES FG 1
79 Hughie Issachar Bad Man Possie MACCABEES MPC H 1
81 Jah Benji Too Rude, Too Bad MACCABEES MPC B 1
82 Dennis Brown Old Man River MACCABEES MPC DB 1
82 Dennis Brown Old Man River (12") MACCABEES MPC DB 2
85 Dennis Brown Mr. Bojangles MACCABEES MPC DB 3/7
79 Phillip Frazer Preacher Man CHART SOUNDS MPCPF 1
79 Phillip Frazer God Of My Righteousness MACCABEES MPCPF 2
80 Lennox Cameron It's You MACCABEES MPCL 1

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