MAYC Records was a label of the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs.  MAYC seems to have managed just the one record, an EP featuring songs from a devotional Christian Rock musical called 'Spread The Word', performed by the original cast.  Tracks on it were 'Introduction', 'Mary's Song', Thomas's Song' and Peter's Song'.  The picture sleeve reportedly gives a date of 1973 and refers to the organization as M.A.Y.C.  Both sides were numbered separately, BWR-441 and BWR-442, and pressing was by British Homophone.  Proceeds from the sale of the EP helped to fund a project called 'Let's Go Great'.  M.A.Y.C. appeared on another record a couple of years later, but only as a logo; the record concerned was a single by Peter Lewis, 'Let's Go Great' b/w 'The Master's Touch', and it was issued on the Pollen label (PBM-004). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Original Cast Spread The Word A Religious Musical In The Rock Idiom M.A.Y.C. BWR 441

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