Independent label: M and M Records was A subsidiary of Mervyn Solomon's Emerald Records, and therefore part of the Decca group.  M and M seems to have been more Pop-orientated than its parent company, though it issued a fair amount of 'Country and Irish' records as well. It started life in 1970 and seems not to have survived long into 1974.  Stereo singles were numbered in the FFMS-10000s; mono ones had FFM or FFMM prefixes. Distributed By Decca Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Gumm Back In The Sun M AND M FFM 10001
70 California Brakemen Jesus Take A Hold M AND M FFM 10002
70 Mcbride Frankie Daddy'S Little Man M AND M FFMS 10003
71 Armstrong-Jones Anthony Sugar In The Flowers M AND M FFMS 10004
71 Chips Let Us Learn To Love One Another M AND M FFMS 10005
71 Walkers Rock Island Line M AND M FFMS 10006
71 Gumm Sweet Little Woman M AND M FFM 10007
71 Anderson Lynn Promises Promises M AND M FFMS 10008
71 Others Chripy Chripy Cheep Cheep M AND M FFM 10009
71 Dunno Help Us Gentle Jesus M AND M FFMS 10010
71 Sunshine Whistle Band Whistle Song M AND M FFM 10011
71 Pacific Sound Ballad To Jimi M AND M FFMS 10012
71 Dunno Magic Beat M AND M FFMS 10013
72 Others Happy Am I M AND M FFMS 10014
72 Pirelli Bobby Shiddy Biddy Bee M AND M FFMS 10015
72 California Brakemen Cowboys Convention M AND M FFMS 10016
72 Harrop Cathie Caretaker M AND M FFMS 10017
72 Candy I Got Love Again M AND M FFMS 10018
72 Dallas Maria Little Bit Of Loving M AND M FFMS 10019
72 Creation Carolina M AND M FFMS 10020
72 Allen Steve Bread Medley M AND M FFMS 10021
73 Smith David See Me M AND M FFMS 10022
73 Creation Blind Boy M AND M FFMS 10023
73 Allen Steve Join Together M AND M FFMS 10024
74 Allen Steve Singer'S Song M AND M FFMS 10025

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