M&S Records was a DIY label. And nothing to do with Marks & Spencer. It operated out of Brighton, and issued at least one single, 'Avenue' b/w 'Night Caller', by the Fan Club (SJP-791; 1978).  The 'M' may well refer to Paul Milo, who produced the record; if that is the case then presumably the label was at least part-owned by him.  The catalogue number was one of a series that was used by Fair Deal Studios, the custom recording company which was responsible for recording the single, and can more commonly be found on records on the Clubland label; it wasn't specific to M&S records. Fan Club The line-up was: Mark Passi (drums), Tony Payne (bass), Trev Jackman (vocals) and Bob Grover (guitar). Distributed By M&S Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Fan Club Night Caller M&S SJP 791A

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