M&S Records was a DIY label. And nothing to do with Marks & Spencer. It operated out of Brighton, and issued at least one single, 'Avenue' b/w 'Night Caller', by the Fan Club (SJP-791; 1978).  The 'M' may well refer to Paul Milo, who produced the record; if that is the case then presumably the label was at least part-owned by him.  The catalogue number was one of a series that was used by Fair Deal Studios, the custom recording company which was responsible for recording the single, and can more commonly be found on records on the Clubland label; it wasn't specific to M&S records. Fan Club The line-up was: Mark Passi (drums), Tony Payne (bass), Trev Jackman (vocals) and Bob Grover (guitar). Distributed By M&S Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Night And Day The Dynamic Night And Day Stuart Johnson Productions SJP 761
76 Cobweb (Acoustic Harmony Band) You'll Go Far Stuart Johnson Productions SJP 762
76 Rory Blackwell  Daddy Don't Walk So Fast / Drum Rhapsody   Rory SJP 763
76 Johnny Keen  I Can't Stop Loving You / Bobby McGee Stuart Johnson Productions SJP 764
76 Moosh 'N' Me  Lyric Of Your Love / Late Nights / Early Songs Stuart Johnson Productions SJP 765
76 Ray Harris Summer In England / Wink Of An Eye Stuart Johnson Productions SJP 766
76 Jimmy Noon Your Sing Along Favourites Jimmy Noon Style Stuart Johnson Productions SJP 767
77 Not Traced Clubland SJP 768
77 St. Kitts Steel Band Sex Machine Clubland SJP 769
77 Taste Of Honey  Taste Of Honey / Por Favour (Will You Be Mine) Clubland SJP 770
77 Andy Squires And Orchestra  Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Song Sung Blue Clubland SJP 771
77 Sue Fisher Say A Little Prayer For Me  Clubland SJP 772
77 Not Traced ? SJP 773
77 Jon Copperfield Here Am I  Clubland SJP 774
77 Paradise  One Of These Days  Clubland SJP 775
77 Darryl Rayner Steve Let The Good Stones Roll  Clubland SJP 776
77 Emanon Raging Pain  Clubland SJP 777
77 Unknown Artist Colt 45 Jingle / Soul Train 45  Clubland SJP 778
77 John & Paul Ivan The Russian Clubland SJP 779
78 Tommy Wright  I Believe In Music / Love Story Clubland SJP 780
78 Misty In Roots  Six One Penny / Six One Penny (DJ Cut) People Unite SJP 781
78 The Lines White Night / Barbican Linear SJP 782
78 Gallery 1st Album Cobweb SJP 783
78 Mascarenas Mau-Rock  Clubland SJP 784
78 Not Traced ? SJP 785
78 Not Traced ? SJP 786
78 Not Traced ? SJP 787
78 Not Traced ? SJP 788
78 Misty In Roots  Oh Wicked Man / Oh Wicked Man (Version) People Unite SJP 789
78 The Muskrats Waitress, Oh Waitress Clubland SJP 790
78 Fan Club Night Caller M&S SJP 791

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