Luggage Records was a DIY label. And the first label of two to appear in the 1970s, the EP shown by Friendship League, being its only release.  members of the group altered a standard County Recording Service label from Bracknell, to make it more personal.  Presumably the addition of the words 'LUGGAGE LABEL' and the number '0001' were among the alterations.  Be that as it may, their presence is enough to meet my criteria for separate label identity and to justify Luggage having its own page on this site. The matrix number of the EP was COUN-219.  The number is one from the series used by County, and, as COUN-215 is reported to date from 1972, it suggests that the record came out in or around that same year. Distributed By County Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Friendship League Railroad No 9 LUGGAGE 0001

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