Independent label: Lucky Records appear in the '70s is by far the most obscure.  As the vast majority of its records featured speedway riders turned singers Reg 'Lucky' Luckhurst and Malcolm Brown it seems a fair bet that the label was theirs.  The first is a double-'A'-side single split between the two of them.  Backing for both of those records was provided by Ken Mackintosh and his orchestra.  Catalogue numbers were in an RC-1000 series, but a lot of the numbers seem not to have been used.  The split single, which was released in 1974, had a catalogue number of RC-1010 / 1011, each side having its own number.  There had been at least two previous releases on the label.  Malcolm Brown's 'No One But You' b/w 'Tuesday' (RC-1001; 9/73) had a black label with silver printing and a different, though equally basic, label design - it had 'LUCKY' at the top in large letters, and 'RECORDS' in smaller letters starting under the 'Y'.  I would guess that 'The Joker' b/w 'Cafe Commercial' by The Harpp (RC-1002; 9/73) had the same lind of labels as that, as it came out at the same time.  On Reg Luckhurst's 'You Belong To Me b/w 'Downhearted', which is numbered RC-1014, the 'A' side has a matrix number of RC-1012 A and the 'B' side one of RC-1013 A, which suggests that they may have been the 'A' sides of two previous records.  It seems more likely that it is just a peculiarity in the numbering, but if anybody knows of an RC-1012 or an RC-1013 I'd be interested to hear from them.  Pressing of that record was by C.H. Rumble.  Reg Luckhurst had previously recorded for the Decca and Crystal labels.  Several more Lucky singles were issued, using a LS-10 numerical series: the few that I have managed to find are again by Brown or Luckhurst and are listed below. A release date of October 1980 for all of them, which is unlikely but not impossible - perhaps that was the date when the company brought the records to the publisher's attention.  If that is the case, they may possibly date from the '70s. Distributed By Lucky Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. Reg Luckhurst was a speedway rider in the 1960's. He made the world finals in 1965 and recorded 4 singles after his retirement in 1971. Malcolm Brown English  speedway rider who rode for Hackney Hawks and Leicester Lions in the 1960s and 1970s. Born in the N.E. London on 4 April 1935.

73 Malcolm Brown (International Speedway Star) No One But You LUCKY  RC  1001
73 The Harpp The Joker LUCKY  RC  1002
74 Malcolm Brown With Ken Mackintosh / Reg Luckhurst Another Spring / Speedway LUCKY  RC  1010 / 1011
74 Reg Luckhurst With Ken Mackintosh And His Orchestra You Belong To Me / Downhearted LUCKY  RC  1012 / 1013
75 Reg Luckhurst With Ken Mackintosh And His Orchestra You Belong To Me LUCKY  RC  1014
80 Malcolm Brown No One But You LUCKY  LS 11
80 Reg Luckhurst Downhearted LUCKY  LS 12
80 Reg Luckhurst Was It Rain LUCKY  LS 17

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