Lovin' Kind Records was a DIY label from 1976. It seems to have put out just the one record: a single by the band of that name.  It had 'I'm Goin' To California' on one side and 'Dance Dance Dance' on the other, and the catalogue number was LK-001.  The label has something of an Irish look to it, but Irish pressings tend to have the 'P' in brackets rather than a circle.  In addition the matrix number in the run-off indicates a Pye pressing cut in the U.K. by Howard Barrow, so I'm moderately confident that this is a U.K. release.  The songs are typical small-cabaret-or-club band Pop material, with vocal harmonies.  The 'A' has a slight 'surf' feel but 'Dance Dance Dance' isn't the Beach Boys song. Distributed By Lovin' Kind Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Lovin' Kind I'm Goin' To California LOVIN' KIND LK 001

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