Independent Reggae label: Lover's Rock Records was founded in 1977 by Dennis Harris and Dennis Bovell in reaction to the masculine-orientated Roots Reggae which was prevalent at the time. The aim of Lover's Rock was to provide a gentler, more soulful, kind of Reggae, which would appeal to women in particular. Thanks to the songwriting, production and instrumental talents of the team of Harris, Bovell and friend John Kipaye, that aim was achieved. At first singles appeared in a CJ-600 series, which appears to have been a continuation of the one used by the Concrete Jungle and Rama Record labels; this was eventually replaced by a LR-00 / LRS-00 series.  The records featured mainly female artists.  One basic design was used, but the simpler layout used for at least the first three records (1) had been replaced by a more businesslike one by the time CJ-618 came out, though some early singles seem to have been re-pressed with the new-style labels.  CJ-617 came out on Bovell's Rama label (q.v.).  Harris owned several other labels, including DIP, Eve and Lucky (q.v. all).  The first scan appears by courtesy of Charlie Chalk of the 45cat site. . Distributed By Lover's Rock Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 African Stone  How Long Must I Wait CONCRETE JUNGLE  CJ 600
76 Errol "C"  Jah For I  CONCRETE JUNGLE  CJ 601
76 Steel Pulse  Kibudu-Mansatta CONCRETE JUNGLE  CJ 602
76 Utica  Over The River CONCRETE JUNGLE  CJ 603
76 African Stone  Singer Man  CONCRETE JUNGLE  CJ 604
76 Sista Beverley Rasta Woman CONCRETE JUNGLE  CJ 605
76 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK CJ 606
76 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK CJ 607
76 No Artist Listed African Sunshine / Sunny And Bright  RAMA CJ 608
76 His Imperial Majesty I.N.R.I. RAMA CJ 609
76 The 4Th Street Orchestra  Close To You  CONCRETE JUNGLE  CJ 610
76 James Brown Black Is Best RAMA CJ 611
76 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK CJ 612
77 Brown Sugar I'M In Love With A Dreadlock LOVERS ROCK CJ 613
77 Brown Sugar Hello Stranger LOVERS ROCK CJ 614
77 Roland & Caroline  I Admire You LOVERS ROCK CJ 615
77 Carolyn & Roland  (You'Re) Having My Baby  LOVERS ROCK CJ 616
77 Y' Ely  The Dreadlocks Connection / Prickle Makka RAMA CJ 617
77 Cassandra  I'Ll Never Let You Go Out Of My Life  LOVERS ROCK CJ 618
77 Brown Sugar Black Pride  LOVERS ROCK CJ 619
77 Carolyn Catlin  Peaceful Woman  LOVERS ROCK CJ 620
77 Cassandra / Eve All Stars If You Are Not Back In Love By Monday / Deadline Monday  LOVERS ROCK CJ 621
77 Ross T.T.  I Will LOVERS ROCK CJ 622
77 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK CJ 623
77 Brown Sugar  Do You Really Love Me LOVERS ROCK CJ 624
78 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK LR 01
78 T. T. Ross Imagine LOVERS ROCK LR 02
78 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK LR 03
78 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK LR 04
78 Clark Vivian  Come And Take Me  LOVERS ROCK LR 05
78 Afro Connection   African Woman LOVERS ROCK LR 06
78 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK LBS 001
78 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK LBS 002
78 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK LBS 003
78 Not Traced LOVERS ROCK LBS 004
78 T. T. Ross Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right LOVERS ROCK LBS 005

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