Lovers of Polish Folklore club Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. By the Polboys, 'Melodie Goralskie' b/w 'Sztajerki Lwowskie', which had a catalogue number of POL-1 and was made by Decca, presumably as a custom pressing.  There's no date on the but it's suggested 1973, seems as likely as any other year; according to the London Gazette the club was dissolved as a limited company in December 1980, so it's likely that the record came out some years before that, when the company was still viable.  The songs on the record are less Folky and more Pop-ish than that I had expected, with electric organ, bass and drums providing the accompaniment.  There's a single tantalising reference to a piece called 'Sztajerki Lviv' on the label in amongst a group of other records in a listing on an old Polish auction site, so perhaps there are other POLs out there. Distributed By Lovers of Polish Folklore club Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Polboys Melodie Goralskie b/w Sztajerki Lwowskie LOVERS OF POLISH FOLKLORE CLUB LTD POL 1

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