Independent Reggae label: Love Records was owned by Pat Rhoden, Tito Simon and Earl Martin, and associated with Jama.  Love began releasing singles in 1975, in a LOV-000 series, (later LOV-0000 and LOV-00), and it managed in the region of fifty issues before expiring, which it seems to have done in or around 1977.  For some reason the 'Love' on the label became 'Love Love Love' partway through 1977, though the numerical series remained unchanged.  For most of its existence Love's singles were pressed by Phonodisc, which accounts for the injection-moulded label, which comes in several colours.  Jama and its associated labels were given mainstream distribution by Transatlantic for a while in 1976-77.  The date of the Keith Poppin single, with its RMJ-000 numbering, is uncertain, but it has a late '70s look to it.  Distributed By Transatlantic Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Booth Douglas  Feel It  LOVE LOV 0001
75 Francis Lee  Hurting Thing  LOVE LOV 0002
75 Riley Jimmy Jacket LOVE LOV 0003
75 I Roy  Welding  LOVE LOV 0004
75 Laurel Allstars  I Rasta LOVE LOV 0005
75 Delroy Wilson  Come Softly To Me LOVE LOV 0006
75 Meditations  Sympathy LOVE LOV 0007
75 I Roy Forward Yah  LOVE LOV 0008
75 Grassett George  No Money  LOVE LOV 0009
75 White Joy Check Your Daughter LOVE LOV 0010
75 I Roy Roots Man  LOVE LOV 0011
75 Rocky Delvar  Tell Me Where I Belong LOVE LOV 0012
75 Not Issued LOVE LOV 0013
75 Francis Phil  Laugh It Off LOVE LOV 0014
75 Rad Bryan  Rock Children  LOVE LOV 0015
75 Rocky Delvar  John Tom LOVE LOV 0016
75 Diamond Frankie Sweeter Music LOVE LOV 0017
75 Meditations I Am A Loner  LOVE LOV 0018
75 Otis Byron  Sugar Bum LOVE LOV 0019
75 Honey Boy & Ulett 10 & 11 Commandments Of Man & Woman LOVE LOV 0020
75 Jah Glen  Jah Jah Bring Everything  LOVE LOV 0021
75 Thomas Ruddy  It Hurt My Heart LOVE LOV 0022
75 Brown Anthony And The Meditations  Johnny LOVE LOV 0023
76 Gayle Bonnie How Many Strongs LOVE LOV 0024
76 Rocky Delvar  Give It To Me LOVE LOV 0025
76 Dillinger  Bump Shank  LOVE LOV 0026
76 Floyd Lloyd & Seivright  Where You Gonna Go LOVE LOV 0027
76 Lee Francis Girls LOVE LOV 0028
76 Lloyd & Bryan  Babylon Burning (Fire Fire)  LOVE LOV 0029
76 Gray Owen  The Children A Cry  LOVE LOV 0030
76 Lloyd Parks Time A Go Dread LOVE LOV 0031
76 Jah Woosh  African People LOVE LOV 0032
76 Danny Ray Fire Redder Than Red LOVE LOV 0033
76 Ripton Bennett  Hold On LOVE LOV 0034
76 Jah Maker  Hold On Tight  LOVE LOV 0035
77 Eric Abel Fight For What You Want LOVE LOV 0036
77 Star Light  Mr Walker LOVE LOV 0037
77 Not Traced LOVE LOV 0038
77 Fred Bryan All Stars Love And Harmony  LOVE LOV 0039
77 George Earl  Soulful Lover  LOVE LOV 0040
77 Not Traced LOVE LOV 0041
77 Not Traced LOVE LOV 0042
77 Scott Calman   Hard Times LOVE LOV 0043
77 Top Cat  Pale Moon Light  LOVE LOV 0044
77 Not Traced LOVE LOV 0045
77 Not Traced LOVE LOV 0046
77 Not Traced LOVE LOV 0047
77 The Itals  Brutal  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOV 0048
77 Trinity  Ready And Done LOVE LOVE LOVE LOV 0049
2008 LOVE LOV 0050
2008 LOVE LOV 0051
2008 Freddie McKay Since I Met You  LOVE LOV 0052
2008 Ronnie Davis I Wont Cry LOVE LOV 0053
2008 Rad Bryan Give The Nigger A Chance LOVE LOV 0054
2008 Rad Bryan Give The Nigger A Chance LOVE LOV 0055

77 Jah Rhythm Leave Daddy And Mummy LOVE 00
75 Keith Poppin Same Thing For Breakfast LOVE RMJ 001

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