Independent label: Lorna Records was a product of the London-based music publishing firm of that name.  Lorna Music seems to have made just the one venture into record production, the fruit being the one-sided single pictured above, 'The Green Cross Code Song' by Partridge Green.  The single had a catalogue number of LOR-001, and was made towards the end of 1971.  It appears not to have been sold, as such: it was sent out to schools in the Manchester and Salford area as an aid to teaching children the Green Cross Code.  The words were by Constable Edward McLernon, and they were set to a traditional tune - 'The Fox'?  'Partridge Green' was an alias of singer / songwriter Peter Pavey; he had had an album out on CBS in 1967, 'Suburban Serenade' (CBS-63068).  The single was pressed by Pye, and the labels were stuck on to plain white ones with gum - hence the browning. Distributed By Lorna Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Partridge Green The Green Cross Code Song LORNA LOR 001

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