Independent label: Look Records was based in Huddersfield, and was established by George Parks and David Whiteley.  It was in part a custom recording business, specializing in making records by Club / Cabaret artists and thus enabling them to have something to sell to their fans at gigs, but it also signed artists and produced records by them at its own expense.  Singles were prefixed 'LK/SP', EPs 'LK/EP' or 'LK/MLP' - though sometimes the hyphen is missing or is replaced by a full stop - and albums 'LK/LP'; the suffix is absent on the earliest example that I have seen.  The numbering appears to have been shared by all of them.  Presumably starting out in the 100s, around 1974, the numbers appear to have jumped into the 500s in fairly short order, and then into the 5000s by the end of 1975.  They reached 6050 in 1976, probably after another jump - it seems unlikely that the company could have put out a thousand records in one year - and by December 1981 they had got to 6675.  Even allowing for the jumps in numbering, that indicates a large number of releases; but pressing-runs for albums, EPs and singles alike must have been fairly small.   There were several different label designs.  The orange label is the earliest it also came in light blue.  The second design) came in several different colours, such as green-on-white and red-on-white. By 1976 that design had been replaced by a blue one with silver writing and a different logo.  That same year the old round logo returned, injection-moulded labels were introduced.  At least one record was pressed in Ireland, for some reason, and had a plain-looking white label. By 1979 the label had changed again, turning pink and reverting to paper form; it now had the word 'look' in large letters on its lower half .  The pink label lasted into the early mid '80s, though the injection-moulded form made the occasional comeback - the blue one dates from 1979.  Pressings were done by Lyntone and Phonodisc, among others. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Not Traced LOOK REM 101
72 Not Traced LOOK REM 102
72 Not Traced LOOK REM 103
72 Gifford Rolfe And Andrew Mullins Tutankhamun / Sad Eyes LOOK REM 104
74 John Aston The Old Lamplighter LOOK LK 100
74 Not Traced LOOK LK 101
74 Leeds West Hunslet Singing Company Call To Youth LOOK LK 102
74 Not Traced LOOK LK 103
74 Gifford Rolfe And Andrew Mullins Tutankhamun / Sad Eyes LOOK LK 104
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 501
74 New Collier Dixon Line Old Five And Dimer (Ep) LOOK LKEP 502
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 503
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 504
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 505
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 506
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 507
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 508
74 Not Traced LOOK LKEP 509
75 Lee Benny & Boot Hil Boys All I Do Is Drive (Ep) LOOK LKEP 510
75 Moonchild War Orphan LOOK LKSP 5010
76 White Rose It'S A Long Time (Album) LOOK LK/LP 6021
76 Mel Hague The Winner LOOK LKLP 6023
76 Castleford Male Voice Choir Golden Jubilee (Album) LOOK LKLP 6024
76 Stacey Wlide Tar And Cement SEPTEMBER SOUND LKSP 6027
76 Gallery Each Day Through LOOK LKLP 6029
76 Yakkity Brass   Yakkity Brass LOOK LKEP 6030
76 Kim Cordell We'Re Having A Gang Bang LOOK LKSP 6032
76 Dale Green & Country Ramblers   It Keeps Right On A Hurtin LOOK LKEP 6034
76 Incredible Cherry Tree Band The Incredible Cherry Tree Band LOOK LKLP 6037
76 Roger Sutcliffe Death Letter (Album) LOOK LKLP 6038
76 Eddie Noack Eddie Noack(Album) LOOK LKLP 6041
76 New Southern Comfort Some Of Of Ours And Some Of Theirs (Album) LOOK LKLP 6042
76 Alex Campbell No Regrets (Album) LOOK LKLP 6043
76 Wakefield Youth Band Wakefield Youth Band (Album) LOOK LKLP 6045
76 Jimmy Wilson In Clouds (Album) LOOK LKEP 6049
76 Graham Scott  Tb Blues LOOK LKEP 6050
76 St Aidans Singers / Brodsworth Collier T.S.B. Band Unitled (Album) LOOK LKLP 6051
76 Rob Ward & Mel Bawn Time In Time Out   LOOK LKLP 6052
76 Huddersfield Youth Huddersfield Youth In Concert (Album) LOOK LKLP 6054
76 Harmony & Slyde How Many'S In Your Duo (Album) LOOK LKLP 6057
76 Hinchliffe Larry Tro Things Have Gone To Pieces (Ep) LOOK LKMPL 6058
76 Tony Nelson'S Cool Country Riverboat Queen LOOK LK.SP 6059
76 James Donaldson Band   Justified (Album) LOOK LKLP 6060
76 Gygafo Wino / Broken Smiles  LOOK LKSP 6061
76 Thurlstone Bell Orchestra Thurlstone Bells No.2 (Album) LOOK LKLP 6063
76 Jimmy Wilson Ain'T Too Proud LOOK LKSP 6065
76 Haworth Band Haworth Band LOOK LKLP 6070
76 Moldgreen Junior Folk Choir The Morning Of Our Lives LOOK LKLP 6075
76 Cool Breeze Dream LOOK LKSP 6085
76 Benny Lee And The Boot Hill Boys Gypsy Woman LOOK LKSP 6090
76 Questions Sixty Nine LOOK LKSP 6095
76 Western Duo I Recall A Gypsy Woman HEMINGRAY LKEP 6110
77 Rodillian Singers   Rodillian Singers (Album) LOOK LKLP 6150
77 Blue Ridge Mountain Kings Rattlers Pup LOOK LKMLP 6155
77 Merseybeats Greatest Hits (Album) LOOK LKLP 6160
77 Tim Moon And The Yorkshire Miracle The Camra Song LOOK LKSP 6165
77 Plexus Plexus (Album) LOOK LKLP 6175
77 Pearsons   Silver Wings LOOK LKEP 6190
77 The Cowshed Cleaners Springtime In The Farmyard (Album) LOOK LKLP 6195
77 Nick Strutt And Jeremy Wolstenholme Nine Man'S Morris LOOK LKEP 6304
78 Gags Death In Buzzards' Gulch  (Album) LOOK LKLP 6312
78 Saddleworth Male Voice Choir Concert Contrasts  (Album) LOOK LKLP 6318
78 Simon Foley To Strive With Princes - The Story Of Sir Thomas More (Album) LOOK LKLP 6324
78 Nancy Smith And Constance Kirkbright My Sister And I LOOK LKLP 6327
78 Jeannie And Steppinstone  Same (Album) LOOK LKLP 6332
78 Jasper   Same (Album) LOOK LKLP 6334
78 Pamela Rose Amazing Grace LOOK LKEP 6339
78 Welfare State Songs (Album) LOOK LKLP 6347
78 Castleford Male Voice Choir / Queensbury Music Centre Band Yorkshire Mixture (Album) LOOK LKLP 6349
78 Martin Smith You'Re That Part Of Me (Album) LOOK LKLP 6350
78 Brian Golbey With The Johns Family Daddy'S Little Angel (Ep) LOOK LKEP 6358
78 Huddersfield Youth Brass Ensemble Then There'S Brass LOOK LKLP 6360
78 Emerald The Tempter LOOK LKEP 6365
79 The Highlands School Concert Band 78 ?(Lp, Album) LOOK LKLP 6333
79 Wendy King   Wendy Experience (Album) LOOK LKLP 6355
79 The Boothill Boys Wasn'T Born In Tennessee LOOK LKEP 6366
79 Mustang I Don'T Want To Cry (Album) LOOK LKLP 6370
79 Various The Country Friends Of Pat And Roger Johns, Vol. 2 (Album) LOOK LKLP 6372
79 The Thurlstone Bell Orchestra It'S Christmas Time Again (Ep) LOOK LKEP 6375
79 Foggy It'S Foggy Again (Album) LOOK LKLP 6385
79 John Briggs Romantic Piano Music (Album) LOOK LKLP 6388
79 Haven  Haven (Album) LOOK LKLP 6392
79 The Kalahari Bushmen, The Mick Shore Jazzband Blues For Suzy (Album) LOOK LKLP 6400
79 Tragician   Wild The Scared And The Timid LOOK LKSP 6411
79 Greengage  Greengage (Album) LOOK LKLP 6414
79 Hepworth Band Marching With Hepworth Incorporating Hepworth Feast Hymns (Album) LOOK LKLP 6422
79 Mel Hague Mel Hague - Singer/Songwriter LOOK LKEP 6431
79 Bracken Prince Of The Northlands LOOK LKLP 6438
79 Muggins Blight Mr. Somebody  LOOK LKEP 6455
79 John Briggs 20Th Century Piano Music (Album) LOOK LKLP 6464
80 Dave Bryan   You'Re Always There (Album) LOOK LKLP 6466
80 Ventura Highway Ventura Highway With Robert W. Sawdon LOOK LKEP 6469
80 Boothill Boys   Don'T Pay The Band They'Re British (Album) LOOK LKLP 6474
80 The Negatives Love Is Not Real LOOK LKEP 6478
80 James Shepherd Versatile Brass  Ten Of The Best (Album) LOOK LKLP 6487
81 White Rose Autumn Leaves (Album) LOOK LKLP 6494
80 Various Artists Logical Steps (Album) LOOK LKLP 6510
80 Alwoodley Jets Heaven Can'T Wait Ep LOOK LKEP 6521
80 Mustang   Where To From Here (Album) LOOK LKLP 6529
80 Martin Smith Meet Me Halfway (Album) LOOK LKLP 6542
80 Pamela Rose  Sings (Album) LOOK LKLP 6547
80 Kim Cordell We'Re Having A Gang Bang LOOK LKSP 6580
81 Stringband Legacy (Album) LOOK LKLP 6559
81 Barbara And Ernest Enjoy A Musical Cocktail (Album) LOOK LKLP 6572
81 Springfield In The Country (Album) LOOK LKLP 6575
81 The Bill Edwards Country Sounds The Bill Edwards Country Sounds (Album) LOOK LKLP 6581
81 Hawley Band  Paul On The Hill  LOOK LKSP 6611
81 The Elements Elementary (Album) LOOK LKLP 6649
81 Gold Patti Lady Loves To Dance LOOK LKSP 6666
81 The Celebrations Happy Birthday LOOK LKSP 6673
81 The Brighouse And Rastrick Band And Debbie Little Boy That Santa Clause Forgot LOOK LKSP 6675
81 Greengage Back In Blue (Album) LOOK LKLP 6690
82 Bill Owen, Holme Silver Band, Upperthong School Compo'S Gone And Lost LOOK LKSP 6681
82 Grandad & Adam Tall Story LOOK LKSP 6700
82 Grandad & Adam Tall Story LOOK LKSP 6700
83 Animal Hysteria Jingle Bells LOOK LKSP 6789
83 Hepworth Band A Century Of Brass (Album) LOOK LKLP 7020
83 Euxton Junior Singers & Leyland Vehicles Band Wonderland Of Dreams LOOK LKSP 7075
83 Grimethorpe Colliery Band S.O.G.A.T. '82 1783-1983 LOOK LKSP 7070



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