Independent Reggae label: Lonely I & I Records was run by Lee Francis and D. (Del?) Huntley, and it operated from 1978-81.  It appears to have issued just one 7" single, Lee Francis's own 'Be My Wife Little Girl', which had a catalogue number of L-II-1 and presumably came out in 1978.  Numbers reached at least L-II-4, but the other three singles were 12"only.  Just for the record they were 'A Lonely I & I' (L-II-2; 1979); 'Deception Of Consciousness' (L-II-3); and 'Throwing Stones' (L-II-4).  All were by Lee Francis.  The label shown was grey originally, but seems to have gone through the mill somewhat.  Copies with white labels and a coloured logo can be found: the 12" singles all had that type of label, so perhaps the 7" examples are of a later pressing than the grey one. Distributed By Lonely I & I Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Lee Francis Be My Wife Little Girl / Loneliness Lonely I & I L II 1
79 Lee Francis A Lonely I & I (12") Lonely I & I L II 2
79 Lee Francis Shadows Of My Youth / Deception Of Consciousness (12") Lonely I & I L II 3
79 Lee Francis Throwing Stones (12") Lonely I & I L II 4

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