London's 'Reggae Series' Records had their own special colouring. In 1970 Decca licensed several Reggae singles from the American company Steady Records, of New York; the first, Eddie Lovette's 'Boomerang' (HLU-10298) came out in January on the standard black London label, but the next three were issued together on the 20th of February and were given a new 'Reggae Series' label.  In the event the series proved short-lived: there were only three more singles released, the last of which appeared in August of that same year.  Demo copies of the first three records in the series had the standard yellow London promo labels of the time but with the text 'Reggae Series' added to them; the last three had issued labels overprinted with a red 'A' and the appropriate text. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Ken Lazarus And The Crew Monkey Man LONDON (REGGAE SERIES) HLJ 10301
70 The Gayletts Son-Of-A Preacher Man LONDON (REGGAE SERIES) HLJ 10302
70 The Federalmen Soul Serenade LONDON (REGGAE SERIES) HLJ 10303
70 The Music Specialists Dynamic Pressure LONDON (REGGAE SERIES) HLJ 10309
70 Eddie Lovette Too Experienced LONDON (REGGAE SERIES) HLJ 10311
70 The Godwin Set Gotta Clear My Head LONDON (REGGAE SERIES) HLJ 10319

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