Independent American label: Bomp Records was based in Los Angeles.  It was founded by Greg Shaw in 1974 as an outlet for a Flamin' Groovies record, but it went on to become one of the premier American Punk Rock / Power Pop labels.  The Bomp label as such never appeared over here, but in 1979 at least three of its singles and three of its albums were licensed to Decca and issued on a version of their London label which was distinctive enough for me to allow it a separate identity here.  Billboard of the 11th of August 1979 says that the deal was signed in April of that year and refers to the label as 'Bomp / London', which suggests that that was its official name.  One of the singles, 'Little GTO' by the New York Blondes, is reputed to feature Debbie Harry. Catalogue numbers were shared with the main London series, which by that time had reached the 10500s. Distributed By London Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 New York Blondes Little G T O LONDON BOMP HLZ 10574
79 Bators Stiv  Its Cold Outside LONDON BOMP HLZ 10575
79 B Girls Fun At The Beach LONDON BOMP HLZ 10576

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