Big Sound was an American 'New Wave' label, based in New York.  In 1979 it signed a licensing deal with Decca, which led to the appearance of four singles and several albums here.  The singles had a special yellow label with the Big Sound logo in the middle; it was distinctive enough for me to award them their own dedicated page.  The first three were issued together on the 30th of March; a fourth and last followed in October.  Demo copies of the first three had the same labels as the issues but with the appropriate wording overprinted, as shown in the scan, demoes of the last had black-on-white labels. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Reale Roger C & Rue Morgue Stop And Go LONDON BIG SOUND HLY 10566
78 Scratch Band Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter LONDON BIG SOUND HLY 10567
78 Yankees Take It Like A Man LONDON BIG SOUND HLY 10568
79 Duren Van Oh Babe LONDON BIG SOUND HLY 10577

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