Independent label: Lollipop Records was Based in Munich, and was run by producer Jurgen Korduletsch.  It enjoyed some success on mainland Europe and in the USA with its Euro-Disco sound, but it never cracked the British charts.  Only a handful of Lollipops appear to have been issued over here, during 1978-79.  Manufacture was by Phonogram, which accounts for the injection-moulded label, and Distribution was by Phonodisc. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Claudja Barry Dancer Fever LOILIPOP LOLLY 1
78 Ronnie Jones Me & Myself LOILIPOP LOLLY 2
78 Claudja Barry Down By The Water LOILIPOP LOLLY 3
78 Ronnie Jones Groovin' LOILIPOP LOLLY 4
79 Claudja Barry Dancin' Shoes LOILIPOP LOLLY 5

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