Independent label: Logo Records roots lie in a company called G&O Leisure, which was formed in 1976 by ex-RCA executives Geoff Hannington and Olav Wyper. Its interests extended to music publishing and artist management, and it had the financial backing of publishers Marshall Cavendish.  In 1976 G&O intended to introduce a new label, G&O Records, after Christmas.  With four artists having been signed: Rockie, Michael Price, John Spencer, and Jackdaw.  Nothing seems to have come of the new label, but G&O appears to have undergone a change on name, to Logo, and a couple of singles by Meal Ticket came out on the EMI International label in 1977 with a credit to Logo Records.  Appropriately enough, one of them featured the Logo logo.  That same year Marshall Cavendish acquired Transatlantic Records from current owners Granada and Nat Joseph; it seems that Logo took over the running of that label.  The Transatlantic label as such was phased out, though it enjoyed its biggest success (with the Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band's 'Floral Dance') during the Logo period.  Towards the end of 1977 the Logo label was introduced, Transatlantic's artist roster being transferred across.  As Transatlantic had done, Logo enjoyed the occasional novelty hit - two in 1978, with Driver 67 and Streetband.  The Tourists managed rather more solid success in 1979-80, taking the company into the Charts four times. Wyper left in 1979, and Hannington took control in 1980.  Logo seems to have released no new product after 1982, but compilations of popular material continued to appear sporadically under its name.  Initially pressing was done by Decca, with distribution by Selecta; RCA took over both of those functions in June 1978.  The labels of Decca-era Logoes seem to have been generally rather less creamy than RCA ones, and the position of the credits altered slightly.  In addition the perforations got narrower.  Logo singles came in a plain lime-green sleeve, with nothing on them to identify them.  Numbers were initially in the GO-100s; the '1' became a '3' after GO-107, seemingly before the change in distributors.  The monochrome label seems to have been used only for the double-pack single GO(D)-330, while the occasional injection moulded labels were contract pressings by Phonodisc.  RCA-era demos were marked in the standard RCA manner; when GO-325 was flipped and re-promoted old stock copies were given a sticker to denote the new 'A' side and were used as demos this was also done for at least one record on the RCA label.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Not Traced LOGO GO 101
77 Hayman Carole Missing You LOGO GO 102
77 Catch Borderline LOGO GO 103
77 Public Zone Naive LOGO GO 104
77 Barrett Willie Return Of Kong LOGO GO 105
77 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Old Trust LOGO GO 106
78 Magnificent Mercury Brothers New Girl In School LOGO GO 107
78 Brighthouse & Rastrick Band The Lincolnshire Poacher LOGO GO 308
78 Skinner Dave Margarita LOGO GO 309
78 Roly Don'T Ever Change LOGO GO 310
78 White Gold Cross My Heart LOGO GO 311
78 Madison  Who Killed Davey Moore LOGO GO 312
78 Rigby  House Of The Rising Sun LOGO GO 313
78 Gerry Rafferty Mary Skeffington LOGO GO 314
78 Michael Price It'll Be Me LOGO GO 315
78 The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band Theme From "Shaft"  LOGO GO 316
78 Therapy  I'M Into Something Good LOGO GO 317
78 Funn Living With The Sun LOGO GO 318
78 Mama O Red Square LOGO GO 319
78 White Gold Do It To Me LOGO GO 320
78 Farren Mick Half Price Drinks LOGO GO 321
78 Not Traced LOGO GO 322
78 Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie LOGO GO 323
78 Streetband Toast LOGO GO 324
78 Ville Marc Walking In The Rain LOGO GO 325
78 Roly Car Friends LOGO GO 326
78 Hines Marcia Signed Sealed Delivered I'M Yours LOGO GO 327
78 Marcia Hines Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours LOGO GO 328
78 Browne Duncan Wild Places LOGO GO 329
78 Meal Ticket Simple LOGO GO 330
78 Hall Bob & Alexis Corner Pinetop Boogie Woogie LOGO GO 331
78 The Brighouse And Rastrick Band Tidings Of Great Joy LOGO GO 332
78 Not Traced LOGO GO 333
78 Grand Slam Take The Money LOGO GO 334
78 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias **** You LOGO GO 335
78 Driver 67 Car 67 LOGO GO 336
79 Brighthouse & Rastrick Band Lord Of The Dance LOGO GO 337
79 Powell Robert Once Upon A Time LOGO GO 338
79 Liverpool F C Hail To The Kop LOGO GO 339
79 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Juan Lopez (The Lonely Goatherd) LOGO GO 340
79 Streetband One More Step LOGO GO 341
79 Meal Ticket Shape I'M In LOGO GO 342
79 Page Ian  Step By Step  LOGO GO 343
79 Video Just Might Happen Again LOGO GO 344
76 Farren Mick Broken Statue LOGO GO 345
79 Price Michael Too Much Loving LOGO GO 346
79 Driver 67 Headlights LOGO GO 347
79 Street Band Love Sign LOGO GO 348
79 Not Traced LOGO GO 349
79 Tourists Blind Among The Flowers LOGO GO 350
79 Volunteers   If You Ain'T Scared LOGO GO 351
79 Meal Ticket Blame LOGO GO 352
79 Keith Brian Ain'T No Way To Treat A Lady LOGO GO 353
79 China Burton You Don't Care (About Our Love) LOGO GO 354
79 Driver 67 Going My Way LOGO GO 355
79 Streetband One Good Reason LOGO GO 356
79 Baker Kenny Whatever Money Can Buy LOGO GO 357
79 Ian Page Over My Head LOGO GO 358
79 Palace The Man In The Moon LOGO GO 359
79 Tourists The Loneliest Man In The World LOGO GO 360
79 Duncan Browne  Fauvette LOGO GO 361
79 Blazer Blazer Cecil B Devine LOGO GO 362
79 G G Sunband Starway LOGO GO 363
79 Culbertson Clive Time To Kill LOGO GO 364
79 Deller Steve Van Bontemps Rouler LOGO GO 365
79 Brown Jenet Iron Lady LOGO GO 366
79 Street Band Mirror LOGO GO 367
79 Streetband Mirror Star LOGO GO 368
79 Tax Loss Wolf LOGO GO 369
79 Tourists I Only Want To Be With You LOGO GO 370
79 Not Traced LOGO GO 371
79 Crying Shames Over My Head LOGO GO 372
79 Hines Marcia Something Missing LOGO GO 373
79 I Q Zero She'S So Rare LOGO GO 374
79 Tin Openers Set Me Free LOGO GO 375
79 Browne Duncan  American Heartbeat  LOGO GO 376
80 Haines Marcia Ooh Child LOGO GO 377
80 Connor Mike Cotswolds LOGO GO 378
80 Hibbert Jimmy Mr. Wonderful LOGO GO 379
80 Cavander Geoff Girls LOGO GO 380
80 Fletcher Gurl I'Ve Been In Love LOGO GO 381
80 May Wood Mother How Are You To Day LOGO GO 382
80 Hines Marcia Save The Last Dance For Me LOGO GO 383
80 Monalisa & Terry Young I Wanna Make It With You Tonight LOGO GO 384
80 Crying Shames That'S Rock 'N' Roll LOGO GO 385
80 Tuniks Favourite Positions LOGO GO 386
80 Quartz Satan'S Serenade LOGO GO 387
80 Public School Baby Come Back LOGO GO 388
80 Accept I'M A Rebel LOGO GO 389
80 May Wood Late At Night LOGO GO 390
80 Tax Loss Secret LOGO GO 391
80 Hines Marcia Let The Music Play LOGO GO 392
80 Sweet Subsitute Take Me To The Mardi Gras LOGO GO 393
80 Not Traced LOGO GO 394
80 Pussycat Doing La Bamba LOGO GO 395
81 Dynamites Do The Crawl LOGO GO 396
81 Toy Suspicion LOGO GO 397
81 Arthur Two Stroke Hawaii 5-0 LOGO GO 398
81 Dynamites Let'S Do It Tonight LOGO GO 399
81 Hunt It'S All To Much LOGO GO 400
81 Turtle Henry All By Myself LOGO GO 401
81 Younger & Koolettes It'Ll Be Alright On The Night LOGO GO 402
81 Hines Marcia Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees LOGO GO 403
81 Mechonos Hotel Uk Dream Street LOGO GO 404
81 Hines Marcia Taking It All In Stride LOGO GO 405
82 Straight Eight Desperation LOGO GO 406
82 Music For  Boys Music For  Boys LOGO GO 407
82 Vardis To Be With You LOGO GO 408
82 Jansch Bert Heartbreak Hotel LOGO GO 409
82 Britton Chris One Nine For A Lady LOGO GO 410
82 Hines Marcia What A Bitch Is Love LOGO GO 411
82 Dene Terry Paralysed LOGO GO 412
82 Cops Baby It'S You LOGO GO 413
82 Jones Shirley Ask Me To Stay LOGO GO 414
82 Lulu Boys Boom Boom LOGO GO 415
82 Straight Eight Tomorrow LOGO GO 416
82 Blackmail Banana Boat Song LOGO GO 417
82 U K Supporters Y Viva Espana LOGO GO 421

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