Independent Reggae label: Locks Records was in operation during the period 1975-76. It was run by Brian Harris and Keith Thornton and was a member of their Black Wax Record stable.  It issued eighteen singles over the course of two years, and used three different-coloured labels during that time: red-on-white, then grey-on-white, and lastly black-on-red.  The basic design remained the same.  Marketing and Distribution were by Black Wax, which was based at 23 Lozells Road, Birmingham B19 2TL. Black Wax was Lyntone and (probably) Orlake pressings. Distributed By Black Wax Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Williams Levi  Peaceful Rasta  LOCKS LOX 1
75 Smart Leroy  Black Man LOCKS LOX 2
75 Adams Veronica  Believe In What You See  LOCKS LOX 3
75 Diamonds  Right Time  LOCKS LOX 4
75 Williams Levi  Come Mi Bredda  LOCKS LOX 5
75 Miller Jacob  I'm A Natty  LOCKS LOX 6
75 Jah Woosh  Shine Eye Gal LOCKS LOX 7
75 Tappa Zukie  Judge I O'Lord  LOCKS LOX 8
75 Walker Silford  Burn Babylon  LOCKS LOX 9
75 Mighty Diamonds  Back Weh (You No Mafia) LOCKS LOX 10
75 Bunny & Ricky  Freedom Fighter  LOCKS LOX 11
75 Graham Leo  Not Giving Up  LOCKS LOX 12
76 Jah Stitch  Danger Zone Version 3 LOCKS LOX 13
76 Irons Devon  When Jah Come  LOCKS LOX 14
76 Blue Bells   Come Along LOCKS LOX 15
76 Jah Woosh  Natty Baldhead  LOCKS LOX 16
76 Holt Errol  Shark Out Deh  LOCKS LOX 17
76 Mighty Cloud Band  Manchester Theme LOCKS LOX 18

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