Independent label: Local Records was formed in 1979. It managed to issue at least two singles in the 70s: 'Need Your Love Tonight', by The Detonators (LR-1); Scandal's, 'Comic Book Hero' (LR-2); and 'Slacks And Sovereigns', by Victor Romero & The Detonators.  Local Records Ran by John Collins. Working with local talent, using home made equipment and recording in a front room in Tottenham Local Records produced a number of reggae and new wave records. John Collins, was the producer of the legendary Ghost Town by The Specials, and TV music composer for Frank Skinner, Alistair McGowan, Harry Hill, Goodness Gracious Me, Desmonds. Producer of records by Janet Kay, Victor Romero Evans, Rick Clarke and Jaye WilliamsDistributed By Local Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Detonators Need Love Tonight LOCAL LR 1
79 Scandal Comic Book Hero LOCAL LR 2
79 Romero Victor & Detonators Slacks And Sovereigns ‎(12") LOCAL LR 3
80 Victor Romero Evans / Detonators Special Request (12") LOCAL LR 4 V
82 Jackie Denis Rock Your Lover (12") LOCAL LR 5
82 Victor Romero Evans Special Request (12") LOCAL LR 6
82 Victor Romero Evans One For My Baby (And One For The Road) (12") LOCAL LR 7
84 Janet Kay Eternally Grateful  LOCAL LR S 8
84 Jaye Williams / Semi-Automatic Let Me Be The One (12") LOCAL LR 9
85 Chris Tummings Oh Girl (Rescue Me) LOCAL 7 LR 10
85 Rick Clarke Love With A Stranger (12") LOCAL LR 11
87 Janet Kay No Easy Walk To LOCAL 7 LR 12

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