Independent label: Live Wire Records was owned by promotion man Chris Denning.  It had a pressing and distribution deal with Sonet, from whom the catalogue numbers gained their 'SON' prefixes; both jobs were actually done by Pye, who handled Sonet's records at the time. The company issued around a dozen singles during 1975, all of them seemingly in a solidly Pop vein, but none of them ever threatened the charts.  Two different but fairly similar label designs were used, the green one being used up to and including SON-4004, the blue one from then on.  Flame, whose second single is pictured were a boy band at the time.  I suppose a couple of years later they were all punks; by now they're probably grandfathers. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Cats Be My Day LIVE WIRE SON 4000
75 Etzel Roy Soleado LIVE WIRE SON 4001
75 Milk & Honey Dance LIVE WIRE SON 4002
75 Sigley Ernie & Denise Drysdale Hey Paula LIVE WIRE SON 4003
75 Protectors Loretta LIVE WIRE SON 4004
75 Cats Country Woman LIVE WIRE SON 4005
75 Young John Yesterday'S Hero LIVE WIRE SON 4006
75 Britain John Dusty Road To Nowhere LIVE WIRE SON 4007
75 Flame Teenager In Love LIVE WIRE SON 4008
75 Marsella Checco Just A Friend LIVE WIRE SON 4009
75 Flame  Chickin' On You LIVE WIRE SON 4010
75 Jackie & Jan Bay City Roller Boy LIVE WIRE SON 4011
75 Stolen Property Low Rider LIVE WIRE SON 4012

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