Independent Scottish label: Lismor Records was based in Glasgow and was started by Peter Hamilton, in 1973, as an offshoot of his chain of four record shops. It concentrated on Gaelic material, and was mainly an LP label. Its first single, 'Mo Dhachaidh', by Alastair Clark Gillies (LISP-2001) came out in December 1973. Four singles were the only ones released in the '70s, the next in the series not appearing until 1981.  In 1980 Hamilton sold the company, and the one remaining shop, to former agent and promoter Ronnie Simpson.  Under Simpson's guidance Lismor expanded; it is still going today, with a catalogue which varies from bagpipe tutorials to folk-rock.   The few singles which came out appeared sporadically, were numbered in a LISP-2000 series, and seem to have been distributed by the company itself. Distributed By Lismor, Stiffs and Virgin Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Clark Gillies Alastair  Mo Dhachaidh LISMOR LISP 2001
76 Mclean Norman Flower Of Scotland LISMOR LISP 2002
76 Kinross Brownies Brownie Guides LISMOR LISP 2003
76 Jim Johnstone And His Band Thinggummy Jig Polka LISMOR LISP 2004
81 Alexander Brothers Way Old Friends Do LISMOR LISP 2005
81 Gunn Ben Viva Scotland LISMOR LISP 2006
81 Lees Ian Sludge Viva England LISMOR LISP 2007
82 Fitzpatrick Gene Viva Ireland LISMOR LISP 2008
82 Peter Morrison Culloden LISMOR LISP 2009
82 Alexander Brothers Gentle Annie LISMOR LISP 2010
82 Gaelforce Orchestra Dumbarton Drum LISMOR LISP 2011
89 Leslie Grantham  Winners And Losers LISMOR LINI 001

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