Independent label: Linguaphone Institute Records is reported to have been set up in 1901, by translator and teacher Jacques Roston, in order to provide people with language courses that could be studied at home.  They proved immensely popular and the firm is still in business.  Recordings have always been an important part of Linguaphone courses, and have come in every popular format, from the initial wax cylinders to the digital downloads of today.  There were many records to each course: the German singles shown were two of a set of sixteen.  Numbering seems to have consisted of the initials of the language plus a number in the 00s.  Each side of a single had its own number, the first record in the German set being GER-60 / GER-61.  The style of the matrix number of the dark-blue-labelled record suggests that Decca did the pressing, while the light blue one looks like an RCA product.  There are no dates on the labels; presumably Linguaphone records were pressed and re-pressed throughout the vinyl era.  However, some courses, with 7" records to accompany them, first saw the light of day in the 1970s - a German course by Ingrid K. J. Williams (and others) was published in 1971, to give one example. Distributed By Linguaphone Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 No Artist Listed The Secret Of Learning A Language LINGUAPHONE FR-SPN 1/2
76 No Artist Listed Kursus Bahasa Mayalysia - Sounds LINGUAPHONE MAL 1
71 Ingrid K. J. Williams German course LINGUAPHONE GER 60

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