Lingasong Records was a DIY label. And was formed by former Beatles manager Allan Willians and BUK boss Paul Murphy for one purpose : to release a record of an early performance by the Beatles (at the Star Club in Hamburg, in 1961).  Despite opposition from the Beatles and from Apple the release went ahead.  Lingasong's only single, which featured 'Twist And Shout b/w 'Falling In Love Again'(NB-1; 1977) was taken from the LP. Manufacture and distribution were by RCA - according to Billboard magazine of the 28th of May 1977 Lingasong had sold the album to RCA, who had improved the sound quality of it and were going to reissue it. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Beatles Twist And Shout LINGASONG NB 1

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