Independent label: Limited Edition Records was from Sheffield, dating from 1979-80. Limited Edition survived for long enough to release three records.  Artery's, 'Mother Moon' (TAKE-1; 6/79) and Fraebblarnir's, 'True Death' (TAKE-3; 3/80) were both three-track singles; they were spearated by a split EP shared between T.V. Product and The Prams, both sides of which had their own catalogue number (TAKE-2 / TAKE-4; 11/1979).  Fraebblarnir was apparently an Icelandic band.  As can be seen, the label design varied widely. Distributed By Limited Edition Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Artery Mother Moon LIMITED EDITION  TAKE 1
79 Tv Product Nowhere'S Safe LIMITED EDITION  TAKE 2
79 Fraebblarnir  True Death LIMITED EDITION  TAKE 3
79 Prams & T.V. Product Split Single LIMITED EDITION  TAKE 4

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