Independent label: Lightning Records started life as a one-stop distributor, stocking chart singles, reggae records and a large selection of 'Golden Oldies' for jukebox owners.  Under manager Alan Davison it provided an outlet for many for DIY / small independent labels during the Punk explosion, and grew rapidly; an advert in 'Billboard' magazine of the 21st of May 1977 describes it as the U.K.'s 'newest' and 'leading' one-stop operation, which suggests that it may have started out some time (late?) in 1976.  The company launched its own label in 1977, a deal with Trojan leading to Reggae singles with Trojan catalogue numbers appearing on a Lightning label through B&C / Saga, with distribution by Selecta.  These were followed by a couple of Punk issues, which shared B&C's BCS-0000 numbering; then Lightning received its own, short-lived, LIGS-100 series, which again issued only Reggae.  In November of that year Lightning signed a five-year worldwide licensing deal with the major WEA; at this point, according to Billboard (19th November 1977) Ray Laren was in charge - Alan Davison later set up the Laser label.  It continued to issue Reggae singles on its green label, this time with a credit to WEA at the bottom, but started a red label for other kinds of music - Rock, Pop, and so on.  Some, mainly Punk, singles had their own, yellow, label; these were distributed by Lightning themselves.  The various differently-coloured labels shared a single numbering series, LIG-500, during the WEA era, but the yellow-labelled singles had the prefix numbers reversed - GIL instead of LIG.  The label's design stayed the same throughout its life, the only change being the addition of a small black 'A' near the bottom on most singles from February 1978 to February 1979.  Success came early on, when Althia and Donna shot to No.1 in the British Singles Chart with 'Uptown Top Ranking', the company's sixth single with WEA. Copies of this single can be found with injection-moulded labels; these appear to be contract pressings made by Phonodisc.  In 1978, as if to prove that they hadn't forgotten their roots, in the midst of all these Reggae and Punk releases, Lightning launched 'Old Gold', a label dedicated to reissues of oldies; it would appear that the company decided to concentrate on these reissues, because while Old Gold continued on for many years there seems to have been only one record issued on the Lightning label after 1979 - an EP by Rockabilly band Jets, 'Rockabilly Baby' (LREP-1), which came out in August 1981.  Lightning did however launch the 'Scope' label in mid 1979, mainly for Reggae and Disco releases; this lasted until the autumn of 1980 and towards the end issued a few records which might have been expected to come out on Lightning.  Pressing may well have been by Saga during the B&C era, as Saga owned B&C and Trojan; the few records from the WEA years have been CBS or Pye pressings. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Prince Far I Heavy Manners  LIGHTNING  TRO 9000
72 Diego & The Sons Of Jah  Jah Jah Ital  TROJAN TRO 9001
77 Simon Tito  Oh Patricia  TROJAN TRO 9002
77 Boote Ken  Silver Words TROJAN TRO 9003
77 Not Traced TROJAN TRO 9004
77 Marks Louis  Keep It Like It Is  TROJAN TRO 9005
77 Malcolm Carlos & His Afro Jamaican Rhythms  Bonanza Ska  TROJAN TRO 9006
77 Biggs Barry  Why Must You Cry  TROJAN TRO 9007
77 Inner Circle  Duppy Gunman  TROJAN TRO 9008
77 Fergus Winston  African Woman  LIGHTNING  TRO 9010
77 Archer Elizabeth & The Equators  Feel Like Making Love  LIGHTNING  TRO 9011
77 Ray Danny  Playboy TROJAN TRO 9012
77 Silvertones African Dub  TROJAN TRO 9013
77 Thunderball (The Silvertones) My Twentyeight  TROJAN TRO 9014
77 Silvertones What A Situation  TROJAN TRO 9015
77 Oddjob Express Yourself  LIGHTNING  TRO 9016
77 Lloyd Miller Caribbean Way TROJAN TRO 9017
77 Holt John Lets Get It While It'S Hot TROJAN TRO 9018
77 Michael "Bammie" Rose  Key Of Keys  TROJAN TRO 9019
77 Lewis Candy  I'Ll Be Free Some Day  TROJAN TRO 9020
77 Baga (Matumbi)  Can'T Satisfy  TROJAN TRO 9021
77 Douglas Lambert  Jah Jah No New  TROJAN TRO 9022
77 Dingle Brothers  Happiness  TROJAN TRO 9023
77 Gray Owen  When I Need You  LIGHTNING  TRO 9024
77 One Love Slave Trade LIGHTNING  TRO 9025
76 Nicky Scott Pasadena B&C BCS 0001
76 Love Apples Yours B&C BCS 0002
77 Rula Lenska In A Movie With You B&C BCS 0003
77 Nanette Newman Fun Food Factory B&C BCS 0004
77 Matt Black And The Doodlebugs Punky Xmas PUNK BCS 0005
77 Winston Groovy I'm Going Back / So Easy ? B&C BCS 0006
77 Horror Comic I`M All Hung Up On Pierrepoint LIGHTNING/B&C BCS 0007
77 Lucy Really Got Me Goin' LIGHTNING/B&C BCS 0008
77 Trinity  Three Piece Suit LIGHTNING  LIGS 101
77 Aitken Marcia  Still In Love With You Boy  LIGHTNING  LIGS 102
77 Bronx Jet Ain'T Doin' Nothin' LIGHTNING  LIG 501
77 Snatch Stanley  LIGHTNING LIG 502
77 Mirrors Cure For Cancer LIGHTNING GIL 503
77 Blitzrieg Bop Let'S Go LIGHTNING  GIL 504
77 Snatch All I Want LIGHTNING LIG 505
77 Althia & Donna Up Town Top Ranking LIGHTNING LIG 506
78 Martin & Brownshirts Taxi Driver LIGHTNING GIL 507
78 Motello Elton Pogo Pogo LIGHTNING LIG 508
78 Fruit Eating Bears Chevy Heavy LIGHTNING LIG 509
78 Carpendale Howard Ti Amo LIGHTNING LIG 510
78 Dirty Dog Let Go Of My Hand LIGHTNING GIL 511
78 Horrorcomic I Don'T Mind LIGHTNING GIL 512
78 Too Much Who You Wanna Be LIGHTNING GIL 513
78 Not Traced LIGHTNING LIG 514
78 Culture  Jah Pretty Face  LIGHTNING LIG 515
78 Lucy Never, Never LIGHTNING LIG 516
78 Blackbeard  Don'T Let This Good Things Go Bad  LIGHTNING LIG 517
78 Van Duyne Toni Venus & Mars LIGHTNING LIG 518
78 Exits The Fashion Plague LIGHTNING GIL 519
78 Nerves Tv Adverts LIGHTNING LIG 520
78 Bilbo Baggins I Can Feel Mad LIGHTNING LIG 521
78 Spondoolix Nymphomaniacs LIGHTNING LIG 522
78 Not Traced LIGHTNING LIG 523
78 Not Traced LIGHTNING LIG 524
78 Jet Bronx Rock 'N' Roll Romance LIGHTNING LIG 525
78 Thomas Ruddy  Loving Pauper  LIGHTNING LIG 526
78 Brown Dennis  Equal Rights  LIGHTNING LIG 527
78 Dhaima  Ina Jah Children  LIGHTNING LIG 528
78 Not Traced LIGHTNING LIG 529
78 Rebel Force Band Living In These Star LIGHTNING LIG 530
78 Cane 3 X 3 [ Ep ] LIGHTNING LIG 531
78 Althia & Donna  Love One Another  LIGHTNING LIG 532
78 Slainte Mhath  Sons Of Scotland  LIGHTNING LIG 533
78 Snifters I Like Boys LIGHTNING LIG 534
78 Alec R. Costandinos And The Syncophonic Orchestra Romeo Et Juliet LIGHTNING LIG 535
78 Neville Wanker And The Punters (Sing A Little Song) For The Boys On The Dole LIGHTNING LIG 536
78 Wood Lane Skate Board Saturday LIGHTNING LIG 537
78 Great British Heroes Eric Miller LIGHTNING LIG 538
78 Culture  Two Sevens Clash LIGHTNING LIG 539
78 Mirrors Dark Glasses LIGHTNING GIL 540
78 The O's And The O.K. Band (Official Orient 1978 Squad) Fantastic'O LIGHTNING LIG 541
78 Nasty Media Spiked Copy LIGHTNING GIL 542
78 Blitzrieg Bop U.F.O LIGHTNING  GTL 543
78 Arsenal 1978 Squad Roll Out The Red Carpet LIGHTNING LIG 544
78 Can Can-Can LIGHTNING LIG 545
78 Krypton Tunes Limited Vision LIGHTNING GIL 546
78 Samson Telephone LIGHTNING GIL 547
78 Bilbo She'S Gonna Win LIGHTNING  LIG 548
78 Jerks Cool LIGHTNING GIL 549
78 Brown Dennis  How Can I Leave  LIGHTNING LIG 550
78 Bilbo Don't Blame It On Me LIGHTNING LIG 551
79 Too Much Be Mine LIGHTNING LIG 552
79 Samson Mr. Rock & Roll LIGHTNING GIL 553
79 Brown Dennis Money In My Pocket (Part 1)  LIGHTNING LIG 554
79 Berry Mike Stay Close To Me LIGHTNING LIG 555
79 Bilbo  America  LIGHTNING LIG 556
79 Troggs Wild Things LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9001
79 Mr Bloe Groovin' With Mr Bloe LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9002
79 Chicory Tip Son Of My Father LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9003
79 Python Lee Jackson In A Broken Dream LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9004
79 Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9005
79 Shocking Blue Venus LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9006
79 Boone Daniel Beautiful Sunday LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9007
79 Ward Clifford T Gaye LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9008
79 Shearstone Gary I Get A Kick Out Of You LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9009
79 Flowerpot Men Let'S Go To San Francisco LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9010
79 Chris Montez / Lonnie Mack Let'S Dance / Memphis LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9011
79 Lester Kitty / The Casinos Love Letters / Then You Can Tell Me LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9012
79 Del Vikings Come Go With Me / Whispering Bells  LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9013
79 Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me / When My Little Girl Is Smiling LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9014
79 Teddy Bears, The / Jody Reynolds To Know Him Is To Love Him / Endless Sleep LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9015
79 Johnny Tillotson Poetry In Motion / Princess, Princess LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9016
79 Bobby Darin  Dream Lover/Mack The Knife LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9017
79 Everly Brothers Bird Dog / Devoted To You LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9018
79 Earls / Billy Bland Remember Then / Let The Little Girl Dance LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9019
79 Jewel Akens / Fendermen The Birds And The Bees / Mule Skinner Blues LIGHTNING CRUISIN LIG 9020
79 Equals Baby Come Back LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9021
79 Lopez Trini If I Had A Hammer LIGHTNING / OLD GOLD LIG 9022
81 The Jets Rockabilly Baby LIGHTNING  LREP 1



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