Lightnin Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. A version of Richard Addinsell's 'Warsaw Concerto' by Manchester band Nobodies. It had a catalogue number of IC-276, which I believe is part of a series belonging to Strawberry Studios, of Stockport - presumably the single was recorded there.  There is no date on the label, but the band is reported to have had a residency in one of the Pontins holiday camps in 1973 and '74; the person who reports seeing them there bought the single, which gives us an approximate date for it.  The 'Warsaw Concerto' is taken quite straight, while the 'B' side, 'Alice Anne', is jaunty Pop with a slight New Vaudeville Band feel.  The style of the matrix number in the run-off suggests a British Homophone pressing. Distributed By Lightnin Records. The Nobodies original line up Tony  the bass player now lives in South Africa, Ronnie the drummer joined the Black Abbots now retired living in Blackpool Cass (vocals) he was an Undertaker. Barry sax taxi driver. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Nobodies   Warsaw Concerto LIGHTNIN' IC 276

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