Independent American label: Light Records was a division of Lexicon Music, of Waco, Texas. A Contemporary Christian Music label, it kicked off in 1968 and is still going today. Britain being less Christian than the USA, the label isn't met-with all that often over here outside CCM circles, particularly in its 7" form. Albums on Light are more common, the company tending to concentrate on that format.  The earliest UK 'Light' single that I have been able to trace is the one shown above, Andrae Crouch's 'I'll Be Thinking Of You' (WS-102), but at least one previous Light product by the same artist had appeared on the DJM label: 'You Gave To Me' (DJS 10736; 1/77).  Presumably the latter was fruits of a licensing agreement between Word Records, with which Light was associated, and DJM.  'I'll Be Thinking Of You' was reissued in 1980 with the same catalogue number but on a black label with silver printing.  The same two sides were re-reissued in 1981 through Spartan as a double 'A' side in a picture sleeve, with the old 'B' side 'I've Got The Best' getting top billing and the credits pointing out that Stevie Wonder was involved.  On that occasion the catalogue number was WS-104.  Other singles in the WS-100 series came out on the Word label, Word being the company that handled Light, though I have yet to find any dating from the '70s.  Most were American-only. Distributed By Light Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Not Traced   LIGHT WS 101
79 Andre Crouch  I´Ll Be Thinking Of You LIGHT WS 102
80 Not Traced LIGHT WS 103
81 Andraé Crouch Featuring Stevie Wonder And Kristle Murden I'll Be Thinking Of You LIGHT WS 104

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