Independent American label: Lifesong Records was owned by singers / songwriters / producers Terry Cashman and Tommy West, and was named after one of the albums they had made as a duo.  It operated from 1975 into the early '80s, though its output towards the end was sporadic, and it was more successful in the States than over here; though Henry Gross (once, with 'Shannon'; 1976) and Dean Friedman (three times, with 'Woman of Mine', 'Lydia', and 'Lucky Stars'; all 1978) took it into the British Singles Charts, which isn't a bad hit ratio from nine singles.  'Lucky Stars' in fact got to No.3.  Lifesong was licensed to GTO on these islands, so wherever GTO went Lifesong went: it started out under the Polydor umbrella, which explains the injection-moulded label, and moved to CBS in 1978.  Its catalogue numbering series changed in the process, from ELS-45000 (these numbers were those of the corresponding American issues) and ELS-3500 to LS-400. Distributed By Polydor and GTO Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Cashman & West American City Suite (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45000
75 Jim Croce Chain Gang Medley / Stone Walls (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45001
76 Henry Gross Shannon LIFESONG ELS 45002
76 Crack The Sky She'S A Dancer (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45003
76 Hero Spider-Man (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45004
76 Jim Croce Mississippi Lady (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45005
76 Billy Kirkland Diane (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45006
76 Dark Star Holy Roller (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45007
76 Henry Gross Springtime Mama / Overton Square (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45008
76 Tommy West I'm Ready For You (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45009
76 Not Issued LIFESONG LS 45010
76 Jonah Will (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45011
76 Joey George And Lewis McGehee Country Feelin' (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45012
76 Dark Star Sweet Delight (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45013
76 Henry Gross Someday (I Didn'T Want To Have To Be The One) (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45014
76 Terry Cashman Baby, Baby I Love You\  (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45015
77 Crack The Sky We DonŽT Want Your Money LIFESONG ELS 45016
77 Tommy West I Know (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45017
77 Jim Croce It Doesn't Have To Be That Way (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45018
77 Billy Kirkland I Think I'M Growing Up (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45019
77 Orchestra Montego I Shot The Sheriff / New Point Of View (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45020
77 Terry Cashman The Dreamer (Usa) LIFESONG LS 45021
78 Dean Friedman Ariel LIFESONG ELS 45022
77 Jim Croce IŽLl Have To Say I Love You LIFESONG ELS 3500
78 Dean Friedman Woman Of Mine LIFESONG LS 401
78 Dean Friedman Lucky Star LIFESONG LS 402
78 Dean Friedman Lydia LIFESONG LS 403
79 Dean Friedman Ariel LIFESONG LS 404
79 Dean Friedman Rocking Chair LIFESONG LS 405

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