American, out of Hollywood, California.  Liberty was brought into being by Simon Waronker in 1955.  At first it concentrated mainly on Orchestral and Big Band music, but over the years it broadened out sufficiently to include novelty records by the Chipmunks, Rock 'n' Roll hits by Eddie Cochran and Bobby Vee, surf songs by Jan and Dean, and Blues by Canned Heat.  Liberty was bought by Transamerica in 1968, and was combined with United Artists; Al Bennett, previously president and at that time owner of the label, was fired, and a decline set in.  The label had disappeared by 1972.  In 1978 the name and back-catalogue were sold to EMI, along with the rest of the United Artists labels; it was reactivated several times in the '80s and '90s.  In Britain, Liberty product came out on the London label until 1962, when the Liberty label proper took its bow, via EMI.  Early promo labels from this period are white with a large red 'A' on them; later ones are green with a large white 'A'.  The two-tone blue label of the late '60s, which came into use in mid 1967, is the design that is most commonly met with, thanks to hits by Canned Heat and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band; manufacture and distribution of the vast majority of these blue-labelled singles was by Philips.  In 1970 Liberty joined its foster-parent United Artists at EMI; the three-pronged centre dinking became four-pronged and EMI-style demos appeared.  The labels still had 'Manufactured by Philips Records Ltd.' on them, so presumably they were old ones that EMI was using up.  Before long the company adopted a new and rather restrained black label. The discography's for UP and EM Series see UNITED ARTISTS and EMI.  Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info.

79 Rafferty Jerry Bring At All Home UNITED ARTIST BP 301
79 Welch Ed Rank Concert Orch Moon Rock UNITED ARTIST BP 302
79 Hoff Sean & Shotguns Way Down Yonder In New Orleans UNITED ARTIST BP 303
79 Hylton Sheila Breakfast In Bed BALLISTIC BP 304
79 Fischer-Z First Impressions UNITED ARTIST BP 305
79 Dr. Feelgood Put Him Out Of Your Mind UNITED ARTIST BP 306
79 Fantasy Band Won'T You Take Me Back UNITED ARTIST BP 307
79 Stranglers Duchess UNITED ARTIST BP 308
79 Marvels Sh-Boom BALLISTIC BP 309
79 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 310
79 Ossa Listen To The Buddah UNITED ARTIST BP 311
79 Hoyte Janice When I Fall In Love UNITED ARTIST BP 312
79 One Hundren Ton & A Feather Do You Want To Know A Secret UNITED ARTIST BP 313
79 Blood Sisters Ring My Bell BALLISTIC BP 314
79 Rasses  You Gotta Have Love (Jah Love) BALLISTIC BP 315
79 Buzzcocks You Say You Dont Love Me UNITED ARTIST BP 316
79 Punishment Of Luxury Laughing Academy UNITED ARTIST BP 317
79 Stranglers Nuclear Device UNITED ARTIST BP 318
79 Pix Pickford Are You Rockin' UNITED ARTIST BP 319
79 Cornwell Hugh White Room UNITED ARTIST BP 320
79 Vapors Prisoners UNITED ARTIST BP 321
79 Turner Tina Backstabbers UNITED ARTIST BP 322
79 Estelle Don Pretend UNITED ARTIST BP 323
79 Whitesnake Long Way From Home UNITED ARTIST BP 324
79 Revival Dixie Chicken UNITED ARTIST BP 325
79 Company We Wish You Well LIBERTY BP 326
79 Rasses Ain'T Nobody Here But Me UNITED ARTIST BP 327
79 The Jolly Brothers  You've Got To Leave Him (Part I)  BALLISTIC BP 328
79 Ellis Hortense Love Comes From Unexpected Places UNITED ARTIST BP 329
79 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 330
79 Edwards  Jackie My Name Is Fred BALLISTIC BP 331
79 Zkiffz I Wanna Boogie With You UNITED ARTIST BP 332
79 Vandike Greg Clone UNITED ARTIST BP 333
80 Vapors Turning Japanese UNITED ARTIST BP 334
80 Sellers Peter Night & Day UNITED ARTIST BP 335
80 Kay Janet I Do Love You UNITED ARTIST BP 336
80 Nightingale Maxine Lead On Me UNITED ARTIST BP 337
80 Dr Feelgood  Hong Kong Money UNITED ARTIST BP 338
80 King Geraldine Growing Up BALLISTIC BP 339
80 Rafferty Jerry Get It Right Next Time UNITED ARTIST BP 340
80 T-Charm Rhythm In Rhapsody BALLISTIC BP 341
80 Fischer-Z So Long UNITED ARTIST BP 342
80 Wilson Delroy Sharing The Night Together BALLISTIC BP 343
80 Stranglers Bear Cage UNITED ARTIST BP 344
80 Vapors News At Ten UNITED ARTIST BP 345
80 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 346
80 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 347
80 Washington Delroy Band Magic UNITED ARTIST BP 348
80 Street Life Making My Day UNITED ARTIST BP 349
80 Hudson People Boy Scout UNITED ARTIST BP 350
80 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 351
80 Whitesnake Fool For Your Loving UNITED ARTIST BP 352
80 Peppers Nancy Jesus Will Outshine Them All UNITED ARTIST BP 353
80 Rafferty Jerry Royal Mile UNITED ARTIST BP 354
80 Stranglers Who Wants The World UNITED ARTIST BP 355
80 Nightingale Maxine Take You Heart UNITED ARTIST BP 356
80 Edwards Rupie That Wonderful Sound BALLISTIC BP 357
80 Jah Thomas  Cricket Lovely Cricket  BALLISTIC BP 358
80 Thomas Lincoln Natural Wild BALLISTIC BP 359
80 Fischer-Z Pick Up UNITED ARTIST BP 360
80 Burnel J J  Girl From Snow Country UNITED ARTIST BP 361
80 Tour De France Night Beat UNITED ARTIST BP 362
80 Whitesnake  Ready & Willing UNITED ARTIST BP 363
80 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 364
80 Buzzcocks Are Everything UNITED ARTIST BP 365
80 Dr Feelgood No Mo Do Yakamo UNITED ARTIST BP 366
80 Vapors Waiting For The Weekend UNITED ARTIST BP 367
80 Mugshots Shy UNITED ARTIST BP 368
80 Thopmson Lincoln Spaceship BALLISTIC BP 369
80 Polystyrene Talk In Toyland UNITED ARTIST BP 370
80 Buzzcocks Strange Thing UNITED ARTIST BP 371
80 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 372
80 Marvels You Make Me Happy UNITED ARTIST BP 373
80 Dr Feelgood Jumping From Love To Love UNITED ARTIST BP 374
80 Nightingale Maxime Work On It UNITED ARTIST BP 375
80 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 376
80 Whitman Slim That Silver Headed Daddy Of Mine UNITED ARTIST BP 377
80 Classix Nouveaux Nasty Little Green Men UNITED ARTIST BP 378
80 Toys Easy Does It UNITED ARTIST BP 379
80 Jones Gloria Listin To Me UNITED ARTIST BP 380
80 Whitesnake Ain'T No Love In The Hart Of The City UNITED ARTIST BP 381
80 Buzzcocks Running Free UNITED ARTIST BP 382
81 Stranglers Thrown Away LIBERTY BP 383
81 Nightgale Maxine Take Your Heart LIBERTY BP 384
81 Vapors Spiders LIBERTY BP 385
81 Dr Feelgood Violent Love UNITED ARTIST BP 386
81 Fischer-Z Marliese LIBERTY BP 387
81 Classix Nouveaux Guilty LIBERTY BP 388
81 Diggle Steve Shut Out The Light LIBERTY BP 389
81 Bite Pete Bite Me I Taste Nice LIBERTY BP 390
81 Not Traced LIBERTY BP 391
81 Newell Martin Young Jobless LIBERTY BP 392
81 Stranglers Just Like Nothing On Earth LIBERTY BP 393
81 Whitman Slim When  LIBERTY BP 394
81 Whitesnake Don´T Break My Heart LIBERTY BP 395
81 Sarstedt Peter English Girls LIBERTY BP 396
81 Classix Nouveaux Tokyo LIBERTY BP 397
81 Fischer-Z Cutters Lullaby LIBERTY BP 398
81 Whitesnake Would I Lie To You LIBERTY BP 399
81 Leonard Deke Big Hunk Of Love LIBERTY BP 400
81 Vapors Jimmy Jones LIBERTY BP 401
81 Not Traced LIBERTY BP 402
81 Classix Nouveaux Inside Outside LIBERTY BP 403
81 Dr. Feelgood Waiting For Saturday LIBERTY BP 404
81 Stranglers Let Me Introduce You To The Family LIBERTY BP 405
81 Classix Nouveaux Never Again LIBERTY BP 406
82 Stranglers Golden Brown LIBERTY BP 407
82 Whitman Slim Can'T Help Falling In Love LIBERTY BP 408
82 Classix Nouveaux Is It A Dream LIBERTY BP 409
82 Stranglers La Folie LIBERTY BP 410
82 Classix Nouveaux Because You'Re Young LIBERTY BP 411
82 Stranglers Strange Little Girl LIBERTY BP 412
82 Rafferty Jerry Sleepwalking LIBERTY BP 413
82 Classix Nouveaux The End...Or The Beginning LIBERTY BP 414
82 Gerry Rafferty  A Change Of Heart / Good Intentions LIBERTY BP 415
82 Whitesnake Here I Go Again LIBERTY BP 416
82 Not Traced LIBERTY BP 417
82 Not Traced LIBERTY BP 418
83 Classix Nouveaux Forever And A Day LIBERTY BP 419
83 Whitesnake Guilty Of Love LIBERTY BP 420
83 Classix Nouveaux Never Never Comes LIBERTY BP 421
84 Whitesnake Give Me More Time LIBERTY BP 422
84 Whitesnake Standing In The Shadow Of Love LIBERTY BP 423
85 Whitesnake Love Ain'T No Stranger LIBERTY BP 424
85 Kenny Rogers  The Gambler / Momma's Waiting LIBERTY BP 425
85 Rogers Kenny Long Arm Of The Law LIBERTY BP 426
85 Rogers Kenny Coward Of The County LIBERTY BP 427

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