Independent label: LBA Records issued at least ten singles in 1978-86, but unlike most small independents of that era it didn't deal in Punk Rock.  Instead it seems to have been a straightforward Pop sort of label, to judge by the look of LBA-101 (Mandy Ann Hughes's, 'One Stop Baby'; 1978) and the sound of LBA-104 (John Davis's, 'Speedway Rider'; 1979).  With Mandy Ann making records and Ann and Brian producing them, LBA seems to have been a Hughes Family affair: 102 and 103 were other Mandy Ann singles.  The 'B' and 'A' in the company's name could easily stand for 'Brian' and 'Ann', which leaves one wondering where the 'L' came from.  'Label of Brian and Ann' perhaps?   Or was there another Hughes, with the initial 'L'?  Whatever the origins of its name, LBA is not often met with.  Marketing and distribution were initially through President / Lugton,  by the time of LBA-104 the company was doing both of those jobs itself   A fifth LBA single appeared five years later. . Distributed By President and Lugton Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Hughes Mandy Ann One Stop Baby LBA LBA 101
78 Hughes Mandy Ann Love Cloud LBA LBA 102
78 Hughes Mandy Ann Motion Man ‎(12") LBA LBA 103
79 Davis John Speedway Rider LBA LBA 104
84 Junction Eleven Wicked Day LBA LBA 105
84 Not Issued LBA LBA 106
85 Section A Stiletto LBA LBA 107
85 Pure Vision Cosmopolitan LBA LBA A 108
86 James Phil You And I LBA LBA 109
86 Seal Geof What I'M Gonna Be LBA LBA 110

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