Land of Song Records was a DIY label. Owned by Welsh conductor Richard Williams.  'Friend Of Jesus Friend Of Mine' by the Richard Williams Junior Singers was Land of Song's release.  It had a catalogue number of LOS-1, and a matrix number of LYN-2958, which indicates the record was pressed by Lyntone and that its year of issue was 1974.  The only other Land Of Song single was Ryan & Ronnie's 'Blodwen And Mary', which came out in 1975 and had a catalogue number of LOS-41; the label had a different design. The Junior Singers were brought together by Richard Williams in 1966, presumably as a stablemate to the Richard Williams Singers, a choir that he had started in the previous year.  Both choirs were - and as far as I know still are - based in Tonyrefail, which is in South Wales, just south of the Rhondda Valley.  Under the leadership of Williams, who received the MBE in 1977, they performed in many different countries.  After having spent many years working with singers in his Tonyrefail Music Centre, Richard Williams died in 2007. Ryan and Ronnie was a television comedy series made by BBC Wales and originally broadcast in the Welsh language under the title Ryan a Ronnie. The series starred Ryan Davies and Ronnie Williams. There were three Welsh-language series before the English version appeared in 1971. It ran for three series, ending in 1973. Distributed By Land of Song Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Richard Williams Junior Singers Friend Of Jesus, Friend Of Mine LAND OF SONG L.O.S 1
75 Ryan And Ronnie Blodwen And Mary LAND OF SONG L.O.S 41

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