Lace Records was an obscure DIY label. From the Yarmouth area. A single by Alex Rogers, 'Dew Yew Know?' b/w 'Yew Gotta Talk Nice', appears to have been Lace's only release, though its catalogue number, SGMS-176, invites the question of whether there were any more records in that series.  The 'SG' of the prefix and of the matrix number - YRSSG-01 YRS stands for Yarmouth Recording Studio SG presumably indicates that the 'Stuart Graham Productions' company was responsible for the label.  The single was issued to mark a meeting of the Round Table association in 1977. Distributed By Lace Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Alex Rogers Dew Yew Know? b/w 'Yew Gotta Talk Nice LACE SGMS 176

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