Independent label: Labritain Records appears to have belonged to the Albion management, booking and publishing company.  The success of its first single, 'I'm Alive' by Punk band 999 (LAB-999; 9/77) led to the band signing to United Artists; the single was reissued on United Artists as UP-36519 in June 1979. The label name seems to have been suggested by the surname of 999's drummer, Pablo Labritain, and the suitably British-looking label design reflects closely that of the 78rpm-era Rex label.  Albion started its own Albion label early in 1978, and adopted the Labritain label design for it almost exactly.  Labritain was used again in 1978 for a free 12" single given away with 999's United Artists LP 'Separates', and made another appearance in 1985 for the band's 'Face To Face' album.  Distribution of 'I'm Alive' was by Lightning. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 999 I'M Alive LABRITAIN LAB 999

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