A small independent.  The La Voix De France company was incorporated on the 1st of January 1970, and it issued what seems to have been its only record in that same year.  The record in question was an EP by singer Jeanne Patou, who, according to the sleeve notes, came to Britain to improve her colloquial English and enjoyed a successful career in cabaret here.  Tracks on the EP were versions of 'My Way', 'La Vie En Rose', 'Danny Boy' and 'If You Go Away', and it had a catalogue number of LVF-001.  There doesn't appear to have been an LVF-002.  The 'London Gazette' of the 4th of December 1975 listed La Voix De France Ltd among the companies which were due to be struck from the companies list on March the following year, so presumably that was the end. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Jeanne Patou I Lived, I Loved, I Cried A Little LA VOIX DE FRANCE LVF 001

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