Independent American label: Kwanza Records operating out of Chicago; was a Soul / Funk concern, formed by Murray Schwartz in tandem with Warner Bros.  Kwanza  - 'Kwanzaa' is 'Number One' in Swahili, reportedly - was a singles-orientated label.  It released its first records in the USA in or around February 1973 and scored with its first single 'What Goes Around' by Black Ivory.  The company signed to WEA in Britain in mid-1974, but seems only to have issued a batch of three singles, all of which came out on the 23rd of August.  The singles, which were numbered in the K-19500s, appear to have been selected from Kwanza's best-selling American records, but they didn't sell well enough in Britain to threaten the Charts here.  The label doesn't seem to have lasted into 1975.  Distributed By WEA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Black Ivory What Goes Around Comes Around KWANZA K 19500
74 Classic Sullivans Paint Yourself In The Corner KWANZA K 19501
74 Spyder Turner Happy Days KWANZA K 19502

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