Independent American label: Kudu Records was a subsidiary of Creed Taylor's CTI label.  Kudu specialised in 'Soul Jazz': a funkier, more danceable kind of music than appeared on its parent label. It found success in the States with records by Grover Washington Jr., but it had fizzled out by the end of 1978 - the year that CTI was declared bankrupt.  In Britain, CTI and Kudu debuted as labels in May 1972 under a three-year agreement with Pye. Kudu singles from this period had paper labels and were numbered in the KUS-4000s.  There were not many of them, so presumably LPs were the priority.  When the agreement with Pye expired Kudu and its parent label moved to Polydor under a licensing agreement, and the paper labels were replaced with injection moulded ones.  As part of the agreement it was stipulated that the two labels should have catalogue numbers with alphabetical prefixes, rather than Polydor's usual all-numerical ones.  The numbers used were the same as those which were used in the USA, and were thus in a KUDU and KU-900 series, but not everything that was issued over there came out over here. Distributed By Pye and Polydor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Phillips Esther Home Is Where The Hatred Is KUDU KUS 4000
72 Washington Grover Jr Ain'T No Sunshine KUDU KUS 4001
73 Phillips Esther I'Ve Never Found A Man KUDU KUS 4002
71 Lonnie Smith Mama Wailer (USA) KUDU KU 901
71 Grover Washington, Jr. Inner City Blues / Ain't No Sunshine (USA) KUDU KU 902
72 Grover Washington, Jr. Mercy Mercy Me (USA) KUDU KU 903
72 Esther Phillips Home Is Where The Hatred Is / 'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone (USA) KUDU KU 904
72 Hank Crawford Brian's Song / In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (USA) KUDU KU 905
72 Esther Phillips Baby, I'm For Real (USA) KUDU KU 906
72 Johnny Hammond Rock Steady (USA) KUDU KU 907
72 Hank Crawford Unkle Funky (USA) KUDU KU 908
72 Grover Washington, Jr. No Tears In The End / Body And Soul (Montage) (USA) KUDU KU 909
72 Esther Phillips I've Never Found A Man / Cherry Red (USA) KUDU KU 910
72 Hank Crawford Winter Wonderland (USA) KUDU KU 911
72 Grover Washington, Jr. Where Is The Love (Part I) / Where Is The Love (Part II) (USA) KUDU KU 912
73 Eric Gale Killing Me Softly With His Song / Cleopatra (USA) KUDU KU 913
73 Johnny Hammond Thunder & Lightning (USA) KUDU KU 914
73 Esther Phillips Use Me / Let Me In Your Life (USA) KUDU KU 915
73 Grover Washington, Jr. Masterpiece (USA) KUDU KU 916
74 Esther Phillips Justified / Too Many Roads (USA) KUDU KU 917
74 Idris Muhammad Loran's Dance / Power Of Soul (USA) KUDU KU 918
74 Hank Crawford Wildflower (USA) KUDU KU 919

Not Issued

74 Esther Phillips Such A Night / Can't Trust Your Neighbor With Your Baby (USA) KUDU KU 921
74 Esther Phillips Disposable Society / Doing Our Thing (USA) KUDU KU 922 F
74 Hank Crawford Sho Is Funky (USA) KUDU KU 923 F
75 Washington Grover Jr Mr Magic KUDU KUDU 924
75 Phillips Esther What A Difference The Day Makes KUDU KUDU 925
75 Phil Upchurch / Tennyson Stephens You Got Style / Ave Maria (USA) KUDU KU 926 F
76 Carter Ron Anything Goes KUDU KUDU 927

Not Issued

  KUDU KU 928
76 Phillips Esther For All We Know KUDU KUDU 929
76 Washington Grover Jr Knucklehead KUDU KUDU 930
76 Crawford Hank I Hear A Symphony KUDU KUDU 931

Not Issued

  KUDU KU 932
76 Ron Carter Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow) (USA) KUDU KU 933 F
77 Matthews David Shoogie Wanna Boogie KUDU KUDU 934
77 Muhammad Idris Could Heavern Ever Be Like This KUDU KUDU 935
77 Esther Phillips Boy, I Really Tied One On (USA) KUDU KU 936
77 Grover Washington Jr A Secret Place (USA) KUDU KU 937 F
77 Esther Phillips All The Way Down (USA) KUDU KU 938
77 Idris Muhammad Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (USA) KUDU KU 939
77 Idris Muhammad Turn This Mutha Out (USA) KUDU KU 940
77 Locksmith Summer Song (USA) KUDU KU 941
77 Grover Washington Jr Summer Song (USA) KUDU KU 942
78 Muhammad Idris Boogie To The Top KUDU KUDU 943
78 Crawford Hank Daytime Friends KUDU KUDU 944

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