Kryptone Records was a DIY label. And One of the lesser members of Miles Copland's 'Faulty Products' group of labels, Kryptone appears to have existed solely for the purpose of issuing records by Klark Kent, who in real life was Stewart Copeland, of the Police.  His first single, 'Don't Care' (KK-1; 1978) was picked up by A&M Records and was reissued by them with a new catalogue number (AMS-7376; 7/78).  It just about got into the Top 50.  A follow-up, 'Too Kool To Kalypso' (KMS-7390; 11/78) failed to repeat that success; and that seems to have been the lot as far as Kryptone is concerned. Distributed By Faulty Products  Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Kent Klark Don'T Care KRYPTONE KK 1
78 Kent Klark Thrills KRYPTONE KMS 7390

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