Independent label: Krea Sono Records was A unique label the records were all in the Esperanto language.  Krea Sono ('Creative Sound' in Esperanto) was owned and run by Jim West, of Falkirk, and was a successor to his 'West' label.  It issued four records, all of which were by prominent Esperantist William Auld and / or Margaret Hill.  There were two 7" EPs, both from 1972: Auld's 'Poems' (CSA-106) and Hill's 'British Folksongs' (CSA-107).  They were followed by Hill's 'Kantant Mia Bird' LP (CSA-1108), and finally by an Auld / Hill joint LP, 'Songs And Poems Of Robert Burns' (CSA-1109), which came out in 1976.  The CSA-100 numbering followed on from that which had been used by records on the West label. Distributed By West Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Glass Unicorn Mail Order Female WEST CSA 101
72 The Summer Set Call On Me WEST CSA 102
72 Joss Monroe And The Mark Eton Sound Yellow River, Las Vegas WEST CSA 103
72 Joss Monroe And The Mark Eton Sound Sha La La, You'Re My World WEST CSA 103
72 Bodkin Three Days After Death Part (1) (12") WEST CSA 104
72 Tommy Truesdale And The Sundowners The Great Pretender WEST CSA 105
72 William Auld Legas Poezion KREA SONO CSA 106
72 Margaret Hill Britaj Popolkantoj KREA SONO CSA 107
73 Margaret Hill Kantata Mia Bird' (Album) KREA SONO CSA 1108
76 Margaret Hill and William Auld Songs And Poems Of Robert Burns (Album) KREA SONO CSA 1109

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