Independent label: Konk Records was a rather short-lived label run by Ray Davies of the Kinks and featuring productions by various members of that band. Ray and Dave Davies and Tony Dimitriades was the joint-owners of the label.  There was a studio in North London associated with the label.  Konk achieved the distinction of releasing the first records by Tom Robinson, who was at that time a member of a group called Cafe Society. Singles were numbered in the KOS-0s.  Marketing was by Anchor, who were also responsible for organizing pressing and distribution; both of these were by EMI originally - the demo is in the typical EMI style - and latterly by CBS.  The label made a fleeting reappearance in 1981, in injection moulded form, for a single by the Kinks, 'Predictable' (ARISTA-426). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Claire Hamill  Geronimo'S Cadillac KONK KOS 1
75 Andy Desmond  So It Goes KONK KOS 2
75 Claire Hamill  We Danced It Our Way KONK KOS 3
75 Andy Desmond  Beware KONK KOS 4
75 Cafe Society Whitby Two Step KONK  KOS 5
76 Ian Whitcomb  My Blue Heaven KONK  KOS 6
81 The Kinks Predictable KONK ARIST 426

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