Independent Scottish label: Klub Records was from Glasgow. It started out in 1977; it got a single into the British Singles Chart in 1978, when 'Ally's Tartan Army', by Andy Cameron (KLUB-03), made it to No.6.  That was as good as it got, in terms of singles successes; but the company continued to flourish north of the border, releasing numerous albums and CDs of various kinds of music from Pop to Traditional. As KRL / Lochshore, it is still going strong today.  From 1977-78 Klub used one label design in two different colour schemes.  In or around 1979 the design was revamped; at first the new version was coloured brown-on-fawn), but this was soon changed to silver-on-black.  Distribution was initially by Wynd Up, south of the border; by 1979 Pye had taken over.   Pye was also responsible for the manufacture of the few singles. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Clem Dane Wee Kirkcudbbright Centipede KLUB  KLUB  01
77 Andrews Elaine No Regrets KLUB  KLUB  02
77 Cameron Andy Ally'S Tartan Army KLUB  KLUB  03
77 The Scott Sisters Sidney Is The King (Bob Wills Is Still The King) KLUB  KLUB  04
77 Ben Gunn Wembley 77 KLUB  KLUB  05
78 Cameron Andy Will Be Over There KLUB  KLUB  06
78 Mr. Abie Ay Ay Argentina KLUB  KLUB  07
78 Not Traced KLUB  KLUB  08
78 Mcnab Jim Crystal Chandeliers KLUB  KLUB  09
78 Rhodes Abigail Together Again KLUB  KLUB  10
78 Gaberlunzie Scotland Again KLUB  KLUB  11
79 Bells Auld Lang Syne KLUB  KLUB  12
79 Not Traced KLUB  KLUB  13
79 Dunbar Valerie Rowan Tree KLUB  KLUB  14
79 Bells Hokoy-Cokey KLUB  KLUB  15
79 Gary Ward Marta KLUB  KLUB  16
79 Andrews Elaine In The Beginning KLUB  KLUB  17
79 Cheeky Bee Dear God KLUB  KLUB  18
79 Mallan Peter Ae Fond Kiss KLUB  KLUB  19
79 Summers Lorraine Lay Down Beside Me KLUB  KLUB  20
79 Not Traced KLUB  KLUB  21
79 Sweet Light Hold Tight KLUB  KLUB  22
79 Clem Dane U F O KLUB  KLUB  23
79 Maureen Love Is All KLUB  KLUB  24
80 Dunbar Valerie Scotland You'Re A Lady KLUB  KLUB  25
80 Torrance Bill Caledonia KLUB  KLUB  26
80 Dean Park Do You Love The Woman KLUB  KLUB  27
80 Jeffrey Billy Scotland Again KLUB  KLUB  28
81 Dunbar Valerie Always Argyll KLUB  KLUB  29
81 Peter Mallan Mary Of Argyll KLUB  KLUB  30
81 Valerie Dunbar Always Argyll KLUB  KLUB  31
81 Gaberlunzie Sam The Skull KLUB  KLUB  32
81 Cameron Andy We'Re On The March Again KLUB  KLUB  33
81 Dunbar Valerie Pal Of My Cradle Days KLUB  KLUB  34
82 Majella Spinning Wheel KLUB  KLUB  35
82 Dunbar Valerie I'Ll Say Farewell KLUB  KLUB  36
83 Mr Abie Nothing Left To Say KLUB  KLUB  37
83 Not Traced KLUB  KLUB  38
83 Clydesiders My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose KLUB  KLUB  39
83 Lawson Tom I'Ll Take You Home Again Kathleen KLUB  KLUB  40
83 Dunbar Valerie Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain KLUB  KLUB  41
83 Clydesiders Wild Mountain Thyme KLUB  KLUB  42
83 Faqlkirk Children'S Theathe It'S Christmas KLUB  KLUB  43
83 Beattie Johnny Glasgow Rap KLUB  KLUB  44
83 Dunbar Valerie There Was A Man KLUB  KLUB  45
83 Cheeky Bee Glasgow'S Miles Better KLUB  KLUB  46
84 Valerie Dunbar How Great Thou Art KLUB  KLUB  47
84 Clydesiders  We'Ve Lived A Dream KLUB  KLUB  48
85 Abie Mona Lisa'S Lost Her Smile KLUB  KLUB  49
85 Valerie Dunbar Tighnabruaich (Home To The Kyles) KLUB  KLUB  50
85 Clydesiders Maybe Someday KLUB  KLUB  51
86 Gunn Ben Fergie'S Fusiliers KLUB  KLUB  52
87 Majella After All These Years KLUB  KLUB  53
88 Wynter Scott Britian'S Number One KLUB  KLUB  54
88 Majella On The Inside KLUB  KLUB  55
88 Johnny Beattie Snooker KLUB  KLUB  56
88 Not Traced KLUB  KLUB  57
88 Graham Whitelaw Jokrok (Vocal) KLUB  KLUB  58
79 Chou Pahrot Buzgo Tram Chorus KLUB KEP 101



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