Independent Reggae label: Klik Records described itself in a company flyer dated 1975 as 'A progressive Black Music Company, specialising in rebel-dread Reggae, modern Soul and Disco sounds'.  it was owned by Desmond Bryan and Joe Sinclair.  During its lifetime, 1975-77, it released approximately thurty four singles. Distribution was by Island/EMI at first; a switch to RCA, accompanied by a change of design, followed at some point.  Klik issued some non-Black-Music material - the Chartreuse single is a Punky sort of thing - but despite the boast on the second label none of its sounds ever entered the Singles Chart.  KL-602 was pressed by CBS and KL-617 was an EMI product. Klik Records Former address: 2 Library Parade, Craven Park, London NW10 and 245 Portobello Road, London W11. Distributed By Island and EMI  Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Big Youth  Natty Dread She Want  KLIK KL 601
75 Collins Dave & Ansel  Single Barrel KLIK KL 602
75 Morgan Derrick  Wet Dreams Pt. 1  KLIK KL 603
75 Cadogan Susan  Congratulations  KLIK KL 604
75 Scott Bunny  To Love Somebody  KLIK KL 605
75 Slickers  My Special Prayer KLIK KL 606
75 Campbell Cornell  The Mighty Gorgon  KLIK KL 607
75 Mystic Light Down To The Discotheque KLIK KL 608
76 Slickers  Long Shot Kick The Bucket  KLIK KL 609
76 Emeralds  All The King'S Horses KLIK KL 610
76 January  Wet Dreams  KLIK KL 611
76 Hollywood Hippos Jungle Disco KLIK KL 612
76 Not Issued KLIK KL 613
76 Mexicano  Let'S Do The Latin Hustle KLIK KL 614
76 Not Traced KLIK KL 615
76 Astor And The Potentials  Give Me What I Want Part 1  KLIK KL 616
76 Elbert Donnie A Little Piece Of Leather KLIK KL 617
76 Mexicano  Double Barrel KLIK KL 618
76 Tapper Zukie  Mpla KLIK KL 619
76 Equators  Father Oh Father  KLIK KL 620
76 Lindo Willie  Samba Patti KLIK KL 621
76 Tapper Zukie  Ten Against One  KLIK KL 622
76 Wilson Delroy I'M Still Waiting KLIK KL 623
76 Tapper Zukie  Pick Up The Rockers KLIK KL 624
76 Moses Pablo  Give I Fe I Name KLIK KL 625
76 Not Traced KLIK KL 626
76 Not Traced KLIK KL 627
76 Not Traced KLIK KL 628
76 Tapper Zukie  Natty Still Waiting  KLIK KL 629
77 Jackson Romina  Hello Africa  KLIK CHART SOUNDS 2001 KL 630
77 Abyssinians  Forward On To Zion  KLIK CHART SOUNDS 2001 KL 631
77 Tapper Zukie  Mpla KLIK CHART SOUNDS 2001 KL 632
77 Buckley Henry Nobody But Me Babe KLIK CHART SOUNDS 2001 KL 633
77 Chartreuse You Really Got Me KLIK CHART SOUNDS 2001 KL 634

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