Independent label: Kitsch Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. 'Motorcycle Fantasy', by The Pumphouse Gang (FAD-1; 2/78); a follow-up, 'TA-1' was apparently planned but not released.   The Gang were from the Isle of Wight; Kitsch was from Hornchurch, Essex. The label was owned by Sammy Vertigo; the Isle of Wight Music site however gives Howard Berman as the man in charge, which suggests that Vertigo was an alias. The single was distributed by Lightning.  The Gang went on to record three singles for Splash Records: 'Spotlight' b/w 'Lights Out' (SP-001; 8/79); 'Stay With Me' b/w 'Let The Music Play' (SP-008; 1/80); and 'Judy Turn Out The Light' b/w 'A Girl Like You' (SP-010; 4/80).  They were also behind a 'Punk' version of 'White Christmas', released on Ember (EMBS-367; 12/78) under the pseudonym of Slush. Distributed By Lightning Records. Pumphouse Gang formed in Ryde on the Isle Of Wight in 1976 with a line-up of Ricky Wreckage (John Edwardes) on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ralph Von Wau Wau (John Lytle) on bass, SG Coolbridge (Phil Oswald) on lead guitar and drummer Dread 'Family Man' Jones (Phil Jones). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Pumphouse Gang Motorcity Fantasy KITSCH FAD 1

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