Independent Reggae label: Kiss Records was owned by Mac Kissoon and based in London.  Kiss operated around 1975-76, and seems to have issued just eight singles.  It used a KISS-10 numerical series, though the record which ought to have been KISS-15 appears to have been numbered KISS-115 for some reason.  Some of the singles were handled by K&B Records.  The label came in at least three different colours. Distributed By K&B Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Locks Lee  What Can I Do  KISS KISS 010
75 Dunkley Errol  Praise Jah All The Time  KISS KISS 011
76 Snowball J.  The Idren Said  KISS KISS 012
76 Jah Woosh  Love Jah And Live  KISS KISS 013
76 Hudson All Stars  No Time To Waste Version  KISS KISS 014
76 Jah Woosh  I Am Real Keen KISS KISS 115
76 Brown Michael  Things & Time KISS KISS 116
76 Rasalla & The Spear  Bosrah KISS KISS 017

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